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Daily Dining News: RIP Garlic Shack

The Restaurant Reaper has claimed its latest victim -- Garlic Shack. By now, we Sacramentans have grown used to the drumbeat of restaurant closings, the most recent of which was Red Lotus almost exactly a month ago.

But there's one difference between the closing of Garlic Shack and the closing of so many beloved local joints like Celestin's, Good Eats, Spin Burger Bar, L Wine Lounge, Brew It Up and Pause Lounge in Roseville -- those places had fans.

I've never heard one good word spoken about Garlic Shack. A quick perusal of their Yelp reviews shows that food poisoning shows up in more than one. That's not good for a restaurant.

While other restaurants may have closed because of the economy, my best guess for why the Garlic Shack closed is that the food just wasn't that good.

Now let's hope another restaurant takes its place soon. (Hat tip to Sac Press who first reported Garlic Shack had closed.)

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Seriously, that area needs a late-night, cheap eats place... And pork buns. We need pork buns.

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