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Daily Dining News: Details Emerge About Mongo Mongo

As reported by Cowtown Eats last week, Mongo Mongo, a Mongolian BBQ restaurant, is replacing Garlic Shack at 19th & J. Brandon Darnell has additional details in Sac Press.

Moving into the space with its newly installed roll-up garage doors fronting J Street presented Ng and his business partners with a problem: Mongolian barbecue restaurants typically have kitchens out where customers can see them, but health code requires kitchens be enclosed, so either the garage doors had to go, or another solution devised.

“We decided to take out the (existing) wall separating the kitchen from the restaurant and make it out of glass with sliding glass doors,” Ng said.

With that plan, customers can still walk in and out of the garage doors onto a patio, and the kitchen is easily seen as the chef cooks the food, moving it over the grill surface with two large chopstick-like tongs.

Read the entire story in Sac Press.

More News:

The Chef's Olive Mix will bring quality olive oil to Sacramento, owner says - Sacramento will be getting a dose of fresh, quality olive oil by late November, said Lisa Paskaly, owner of the Chef’s Olive Mix in Old Sacramento. The store, located on the corner of Second and J streets, will be what Paskaly described as an olive oil and balsamic vinegar tasting room, where customers will be able to sample oils and purchase bottles to take home. Bottles of olive oil, available in three different sizes, will range from $9-$16, and many types will be sold, including over 30 50 different extra virgin olive oils, as well as exotic flavors and organics. They will arranged from mild to medium to intense flavors. Fresh olives, cheeses, salads and hors d’oeuvre plates will also be available. William Ratliff in Sac Press.

New Grange chef warms up with bourbon dinner - Oliver Ridgeway, the new executive chef at Grange restaurant, has yet to come up with a signature dish, but he's starting to flex some culinary muscle with his menu for the restaurant's Bourbon Dinner scheduled for Thursday. Mark Anderson in the Sac Biz Journal.

Davis and Sacramento: How do they stack up for new business owners? - Davis and Sacramento are close neighbors, and some business owners have restaurants in both cities...Shawn Eldredge, owner of Capitol Painting and Construction, said Friday that starting a business in Davis is “a breeze” compared to working with city of Sacramento. Melissa Corker in Sac Press.

Hot food - If there is one thing I love about the Davis Farmers Market, it’s the fact that I can get plenty of prepared food there. Popsicles in assorted flavors—sweet-potato thai tea and strawberry-basil, for example—are available from Fat Face. Raja’s Indian Cuisine makes some of the best samosas ever—a welcome snack on a cold autumn morning shopping for veggies. The Hotdogger—possibly one of the best restaurants in the world—is there selling hot, meaty wieners. Garrett McCord in Sac News & Review.

Groupon targets affluent diners - Groupon launched its Groupon Reserve service for fine-dining offers Friday, joining LivingSocial Gourmet and Gilt City as services targeted at customers seeking high-end restaurant experiences. Mark Brandau in Nation's Restaurant News.


mongo mongo needs great rice not overcooked instant, will make it a great place

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