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Daily Dining News: More Buzz for Juno's Kitchen & Deli

Juno's Kitchen & Deli, opened in East Sac by the former owner & chef of Ravenous Cafe, continues to generate buzz on the food blogs. Here are two more examples:

"There really isn’t much that Helms doesn’t do well. Choosing what you want to eat off the menu becomes a process of elimination, and if there’s a daily special that catches your eye, you’d better enjoy it before it’s gone. His soup du jour was vegetarian minestrone on the day that Submerge paid Juno’s a visit. Minestrone can be somewhat uneventful, a comfort food that satisfies as long as it’s hot; but Helms’ version was nothing short of amazing. Tender lima beans and celery, leafy greens and a perfectly spiced and salted broth made me think differently about what minestrone can be." - Adam Saake in Submerge Mag.

"[W]hat really captivates you about Juno's is the food. It's delicious. I had heard numerous raves about their burger, which uses grass-fed Wagyu beef from New Zealand and is topped with mouthwatering caramelized onions and Manchego cheese. Michelle ordered it and I went with the pastrami sandwich since I had a burger the night before. When her burger came out, it looked so juicy and amazing, I almost regretted my decision but the pastrami sandwich was a total winner!" Ally Gaffan on A Girl and her Fork.

Looking for previous reviews? Read Sac Bee's Blair Anthony Robertson rave about Juno's in November.

More News:

Savory Treats at Freeport Bakery - Sacramento’s Freeport Bakery has several delicious savory items available for customers who want to provide something a little different for their breakfast guests. The bakery’s first-rate quiches are a delight – available whole or by the slice, you can simply pop them into the oven to warm up, and they’re ready to serve. Kira O'Donnell in Sac Mag.

Zombie eateries haunt industry - You see them all across the country, in shopping malls and on street corners, in suburban towns and city centers: zombie restaurants. Many of the undead are part of familiar chains that filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection this year: Friendly's, Chevys, Sbarro, Perkins. The zombie restaurants, barely bringing in enough cash to cover basic expenses, always seem to be one sizzling fajita or glazed chicken skewer away from a merciful end, but somehow keep hanging on – leaving too many restaurants chasing after scarce dining dollars. William Neuman in the NY Times.

Delusionally devoted - Restaurateurs proved their love in 2011. One local restaurateur describes business like this: “Mounting a Broadway production every night with a cast of amateurs.” Greg Lucas in Sac News & Review.

My, What a Big Beer You Have! - This season is the best time to try these celebratory beers. There's their fizz, of course, to punctuate your holiday with exclamation marks of popping corks (or hissing caps). There's their size—big bottles with more joy to spread, 750 milliliters and up (and up)—and their strength as well. These single-bottle beers are often more potent than their by-the-case brethren, meant to be savored, not slugged—warming and spirited, drinkable hearths. William Bostwick in the Wall Street Journal.

A look at what's ahead in 2012 - The editors at Nation’s Restaurant News have picked their top predictions for the restaurant industry in 2012. Tell us what you expect in the year ahead by taking the NRN Restaurant Operator Survey. In Nation's Restaurant News.

Looking for a job? Selland's Market & Cafe is hiring.


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