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Instant Reaction: Coast to Coast Sandwiches

Coast to Coast Sandwiches
is a new food truck to the Sacramento scene, focusing “comfort sandwiches done well.”

Before tracking this food truck down last Saturday, I’ll admit that it had a couple strikes against it. Firstly, I tried to find this truck on Black Friday, but as I followed them around the greater Sacramento region (while shopping), they kept changing spots and I never caught up with them. Needless to say, I was a little annoyed by that. Secondly, Wicked ‘Wich and Drewski's Hot Rod Kitchen already do their own versions of comfort sandwiches. Would Coast to Coast Sandwiches be able to find a new niche to fill in that space?

The answer is yes, and they do it very well. On their Web site, the two owners say their ideal sandwiches are represented by “the comfort of a succulent Louisiana Po’ Boy or the savory mess of a Philly Cheesesteak found only in South Philadelphia.”

With that in mind, that’s exactly what I ordered. The first sandwich was the South Philly Cheese Steak with steak, onions, and choice of provolone or cheese wiz. Unlike Sen. John Kerry, I got the wiz. The sandwich was filled with a very generous amount of well-seasoned sliced beef, which the cooks had expertly charred the edges of. The toasted bun gave the sandwich a great crunch.


The second sandwich I ordered was the Po’ Boy. Diners are given the option of shrimp or catfish. I chose shrimp, which were breaded and then fried. The seafood sandwich is served with shredded tomatoes, sliced pickles and tomatoes. Coast to Coast was very generous with the shrimp and gave you enough to have shellfish in every bite.  I also loved the hint of spiciness and heat in the sauce. As with the cheese steak, the bun had a great texture and crunch.

Both sandwiches cost $7 and were very competitively priced with some of the other food trucks in the area.

I also ordered a side of bacon mac & cheese, which was topped with melted, shredded cheddar cheese. It was delightful. It was cheesy without being watery or runny and the crispy bacon bits gave it an appealing crunchy texture.

I also really appreciated their attention to detail. They could have served the food in bland cardboard containers, but took the time to include a blue and white paper liner. It gave the dish a great visual flourish.

I haven’t seen Coast to Coast Sandwiches hit downtown yet. But when they do, you need to check them out. They’re a great addition to the Sacramento food scene, make great sandwiches that no other food trucks make. You’ll be glad you did.

You can find out more about Coast to Coast Sandwiches at their Web site, Facebook Page or follow them on Twitter, @CTCsandwiches.

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