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Daily Dining News: Willie's Burgers Launches Food Truck

In Sacramento, there are two distinct groups of food trucks. The first are entrepreneurs who are launching a food truck in the hopes of one day opening a restaurant. Notables among this group are Mini Burger Truck, Drewski's Hot Rod Kitchen, Wicked 'Wich, Coast to Coast Sandwiches, etc.

The second group consists of existing restaurants who have decided to expand into the mobile food space. Examples of this are Mama Kim's To Go and Chando's Tacos.

This week, another brick and mortar restaurant has joined the fray -- Willie's Wagon, alternatively named Willie's MoFo.

Willie's has offered late night eats to drunkards at 16th & Broadway for more than 20 years. Then, he added a second Willie's location at Arden & Fair Oaks. A couple years ago, owner Bill Taylor opened Iron Steaks. Now, he's the owner of a food truck.

(As an aside, I was at Iron Steaks late last year grabbing a beer and watching football and met Bill. He seemed like a great guy who was willing to talk to and teach your humble blogger a couple things about the business of restaurants.)


  • Hammer 4 - 2 patties 2 slices of cheese onions, tomatoes and lettuce
  • Slammer DCC - double patties, slice of cheese thick slice of tomato diced onions pickles and mustard. For those that know LA chiliburgers and chilidogs this is a letter from home. If you have never had one it is a treat, The chili is not hot just a lot of flavor. You will be bringing your friends in to try one once you know how good they are
  • Tamales - made by Willie's in house, better than Tommy;s in LA with chili, cheese onions and diced tomatoes
  • Chilidogs- better than Pink's in LA

If you're looking to check them out, Willie's Wagon will join Chando's Tacos, Cajun Wagon Catering, Coast to Coast Sandwiches, It's Corn Cake and Volkswafle at the Cordova High Stadium from 4 to 9 p.m. on Saturday.

As with the other food trucks, follow them on Twitter (@Willies_Burgers) or Facebook to find out where they'll be.

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