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Daily Dining News: Goodbye Mini Burger Truck, Hello Krush Burger


Those who attended SactoMoFo 4 might have been surprised that Mini Burger Truck had become Krush Burger. Sac Bee's Chris Macias explains:

The name change occurred with owner Davin Vculek having troubles trademarking the name "MiniBurger," which turned out to be too general.

Vculek will also debut a second truck, possibly by mid-May, but will feature a different name and food concept than MiniBurger/KrushBurger. Vculek won't say just yet what the theme of this truck will be. Looking down the road a little further, with a tentative opening of late-September or early-October, Vculek will open a brick-and-mortar version of one of his food truck businesses.

In the meantime, look for a new Krush Burger app for the iPhone and Android. The free app will include the truck's latest locations, menu, coupons and more.

Read the entire story in the Sac Bee.

Vculek also penned a blog entry explaining the change.

More News:

Sacramento diner to offer Mexican-Korean takeout - A long-abandoned service station at Alhambra Boulevard and T Street is getting a new life this summer – as home to a diner serving a blend of Mexican and Korean cuisines. TaKo BBQ could open there as early as June, serving takeout tacos and burritos with a Korean twist, says owner Yunece Cho. Operating out of a vintage Atlantic Richfield office, she'll target the lunch crowd along Alhambra but stay open as late as 2 a.m. for those seeking late-night meals. Bob Shallit in the Sac Bee.

Gourmet gulch - Speaking of dining on Alhambra, the owners of Granite Bay's popular Hawks restaurant have nailed down plans to open a new bar and bistro on the boulevard. Molly Hawks, who runs the acclaimed business with husband and chef Michael Fagnoni, says she hopes to be open within a year in front of the medical complex at Alhambra and Stockton boulevards. Bob Shallit in the Sac Bee. (Second item.)

Broadacre Coffee - A button popped off my jeans the other day and it may have been because I've been overindulging in honey soy-lattes at Broadacre Coffee lately. I usually don't go for frou-frou drinks but I can't help it, these lattes are absolutely irresistible. Ally Gaffan on A Girl and her Fork. 

Caverna 57 to offer wine lockers, ambiance - Caverna Fifty-Seven, a new business offering climate-controlled wine storage, is set to open next month at 836 57th St. in East Sacramento. Originally a coal and wood supplier in the 1940s, the property was later a house, and last October, the upstairs was opened as executive offices. Brandon Darnell in Sac Press.

Six Rules for Dining Out: How a frugal economist finds the perfect lunch - A BAD OR MEDIOCRE meal is more than just an unpleasant taste, it is an unnecessary negation of one of life’s pleasures—a wasted chance to refine our palates, learn about the world, and share a rewarding experience. Virtually every locale offers some good meals at a good price. But too often, amidst the clutter of our days, we don’t find them—at least not consistently. I’ve been an economist for some 30 years, and a foodie for nearly as long. In this time, I’ve learned that by applying some basic economics to my food choices, I can make nearly every meal count. I’ve also realized that a lot of the best food is cheap. Herewith, a distillation of what I’ve learned about dining out, in six simple rules. Tyler Cowen in The Atantic.


Mini Burger shouldn't worry about trademarking the name. Do what Wicked'Wich did and just steal a name already trademarked by someone else.

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