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Daily Dining News: Altertnative Sac Food Truck Alliance Forms

By now, we've all heard of SactoMofo -- the group behind those wildly successful mobile food festivals. But the most recent SactoMoFo, about half of the local trucks were missing. I'd heard grumblings that -- surprise -- it was about money, but Brandon Darnell seems to confirm it in Sac Press.

The group, Norcal Food Trucks (@EatNorcalTrucks), was started as both an alternative and a companion to the organization that has represented the food trucks so far – SactoMofo.

While SactoMofo is run by food truck advocates, Norcal Food Trucks will be run by the truck owners, according to Chris Jarosz, the owner of the Wicked' Wich truck and one of the organizers behind Norcal...

Another factor that likely played a role: money.

While SactoMofo was started as a nonprofit organization, the group more recently became a for-profit company and began to charge trucks referral fees for events it organizes.

Norcal, on the other hand, has no plans to charge trucks referral fees, according to Jarosz.

Read the entire article in Sac Press.

You can find Norcal Food Trucks at http://www.norcalfoodtrucks.com.

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I'm a food truck owner, and SactoMoFo has given me 7 placements and has never asked for a fee... ?? Who says they charge "referral fees"? Who fact checked that

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