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While many have loved the sleek look of Monsoon, the food hadn't matched the high expectations people had for that space. (Click here for happy hour info.)

In February, Sac News & Review's Greg Lucas said, "In the aggregate, Monsoon is good. It is not great."

In late January, the Sac Bee's Blair Anthony Robertson said, "With Mati's and Bombay Bar & Grill nearby and Katmandu on Broadway, Monsoon is facing some direct – and serious – competition for Indian food. So far, it isn't in the same league, even if it has one of the best-looking restaurants around."

So six months later, has it found its cullinary footing? Sac Bee's Robertson does a full review of the Indian restaurant.

For a restaurant that seemed on its way to an early and unceremonious demise, Monsoon has gained traction by looking seriously at its shortcomings and taking the right steps to get better.

The use of spices on several dishes, so crucial to Indian cooking, had been abrupt and clunky in the early going. Now the seasoning is more balanced and complex.

Meats that were chewy and dry are now tender and juicy. And the naan, which was so dreadful when we tried it early on, is better, too – fresher, fluffier, tastier – though there's still room for improvement.

New restaurants like to say they are a work in progress, but that's little comfort to the consumer who is asked to pay full price for the training-wheels experience. The training wheels are off, Monsoon is developing a personality, its kitchen is getting more consistent and confident, and the overall outlook is much improved since Monsoon's appearance in our "First Impressions" column in late January. We remember the little pools of grease in the curries as if they were yesterday's.

Read the entire review in the Sac Bee.

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