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13 Places to Get Bottomless Mimosas in Sacramento


One of the best ways to spend a lazy weekend afternoon in Sacramento is to grab brunch and (over?)indulge in bottomless mimosas. Unfortunately for me, it usually leads to being day drunk which leads to the unpleasant day hangover. But still, it really is an awesome way to spend a sunny Saturday or Sunday.

Let me give an obligatory, but important, reminder. Please have a designated driver or indulge within walking distance from a place where you can sleep it off.

Here are 13 16 places in Sacramento with weekend bottomless mimosas.



Did I miss your favorite spot? Leave it in the comments and I'll update the post.

* Updated 6/3/2012

* Update 2 1/13/2013 - Added Coyote Tap House, Firestone Public House & Broderick Restaruant & Bar.

* Updated 8/21/2013 -Removed Paragary restaurants. R15, Monkey Bar, KBAR and Bar Bernardo all serve carafes of mimosas for $10, but they're no longer unlimited.

* Updated 4/6/2014 - Updated hours that Kupros offers bottomless mimosas.


Yup.. you missed the cheapest of them all. $5 at Limelight on Sundays.

Blue Cue - don't remember the price, but they're a staple during football season.

Republic $9. Bottomless on Sundays Rock!!


Cafe Bernardo Midtown/Monkey Bar! Sat 8am-1pm and Sun 8am-2pm

Thanks Cowntown for heeding my FB suggestion, Perfect!!! :)

Riverside Clubhouse I believe it's $8. Sundays.

Delta King Sunday Brunch $9


R15 HAS CANCELLED the unlimited mimosas after some classy patrons decided to fight and/or urinate on their patio.

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