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Sacramento's mobile food scene may be getting a little crowded, but there's always room for a truck which serves something different. In the case of OMG buger, it's gourmet burgers with an Asian twist, reports Brandon Darnell in Sac Press.

The truck’s signature burger – the OMG burger – is ground-up bacon blended into a beef patty topped with Cool Ranch Doritos and homemade ranch dressing.

“All of the burgers are original and creative,” Jones said, adding that the Bahng-Gu Burger is a nod to his half-Korean heritage, a cheeseburger topped with Korean bulgogi and fresh kimchi.

His favorite burger, he said, is the Dirty Sanchez, which features carne asada topped with homemade salsa and potato chips.

Burgers will be reasonably priced between $5 and $8.50, and the truck will debut at Saturday's SactoMoFo 5.

Read the entire story in Sac Press.

OMG Burger can be found on Twitter, @OMGBurger, at or on Facebook.

Update: They tweeted on Tuesday that they won't be ready for SactoMofo this weekend.

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