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Daily Dining News: RIP Harvey House in Old Sac


Harvey House, we hardly knew ye. After opening in April, it has closed four short months later.

Based on Yelp reviews, it appears to have closed the week of Aug. 6. The last tweet from its Twitter account is on Aug. 7.

Harvey House

The Simon is apparently a reference to Simon Mandell, identified in a Sac Press story as the co-owner of the restaurant. (Coincidentally, this is the second time that former employees or contractors have accessed a restaurant's twitter account after its apparent demise. The other time was River Rock Tap house.)

I called the restaurant's phone number, but it just rang and rang. There was no voice mail indicating the restaurant had closed.

I never had the opportunity to eat at the restaurant, but a friend who bought a Groupon and ate there said it was "horrible." Those who purchased Groupons can get a refund and have yet to use them can get a refund. Policies of the other sites vary.

If you have any more information, please feel free to share it in the comments.

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