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Daily Dining News: RIP Mati's Indian Cuisine


Mati's hasn't closed yet, but it will by the end of the month, reports Brandon Darnell in Sac Press.

Owner Ranjani Prasad said Monday that she’s shutting her doors for a variety of reasons.

“Even though our sales have not gone down, our costs have gone up,” she said. “People are not spending too much – they used to come in and get a two-item plate, but now they’re getting a one-item plate, and they’re not coming in as frequently.”

Many of the ingredients – notably the spices – are imported, and they continue to increase in cost. She said the mobile food trend has pinched business as well.

Don't worry, though - the owner will return to her job as an accountant for the state.

Read the entire story in Sac Press.

More News:

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Former bakery may be reborn as kitchen shop, bistro - The owners of Eight American Bistro in Granite Bay want to rezone a building in Sacramento so it can be used as a kitchen shop, bistro and catering kitchen. For more than a decade, the building near Southside Park has been an office with residential uses upstairs. Mark Anderson in Sac Biz Journal.

VIDEO: 4 Sisters Cafe - Angel Cardenas hung out at the grand opening of a new restaurant in Roseville, 4 sisters. On Good Day Sac.


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