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How to Save Money on Fancy Hotel Rooms

CaboActual view from a room in Cabo San Lucas booked using one of these sites.

I love happy hours because I love saving money. But I love saving money on more than dining out. I do my best to get good value at almost anything I do - including vacations.

This post will cover nice hotel rooms. They're not always the cheapest. For that, I normally do Priceline, paired with Bidding for Travel, a forum where other users post what hotels they've been getting on what days and at what price so you have a good idea what to bid. They also have a good list of potential hotels, so you know if you're getting the Motel 6, the Hampton Inn or the W Hotel at various star levels.

But similar to Groupon and Living Social, both of which have travel sites these days, there are limited time offer travel sites that offer amazing deals to great destinations. I've used them for hotel rooms in Hawaii and Cabo San Lucas. (I've personally used the first two.)

If nothing else, I really enjoy getting the e-mails advertising the exotic locations on sale that week. On a really slow or bad day at work, the minute of two of where I can daydream about a potential vacation can't help but brighten my day.

Do you have a favorite travel deal Web site? Share it in the comments below and I'll update the post.

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