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Dining News: Billy Ngo (Kru) & Pedro Depina (Ettore's) Were Big Winners at Truck & Mortar Throwdown

The teams of Billy Ngo of Kru/Davin Vculek of Krush Burger and Pedro Depina of Ettore's/Andrew “Drewski” Blaskovich of Drewski's Hot Rod & Kitchen were the big winners in Saturday's cooking competition that paired one brick and mortar chef with one of their mobile food counterparts.

The five teams were given two ingredients that they were required to cook with -- a whole pig and honey, and were asked to prepare a savory dish and a sweet dish. The winners were judged by Mulvaney's B&L owner Patrick Mulvaney, FOX 40's Bethany Crouch and the Sac Bee's Chris Macias.

The team of Ngo and Vculek took the honors in the savory division with a pork belly taco (picture above, courtesy of the SactoMoFo Facebook page.) Depina and Blaskovich took the prize for the best sweet dish wih "The Last Twinkie - a honey twinkie with a bacon-bourbon marscapone filling.

The event was organized by SactoMofo. See pictures of all the dishes at the blog My Kitchen Kreations to You (including the one above).

More News:

Ryu Jin is fine new Sacramento ramen house - That's when our two glorious ramens arrived. Shiro tongotsu ("white") is creamy, pork-based broth brimming with noodles, two thick slices of succulent pork, steamed cabbage, black mushroom, red ginger, green onion and a seasoned whole egg. Aka tongotsu ("red") is the same thing, but the fiery, reddish broth is far different. The deeper we spooned into it, the hotter it became, setting fire to the other ingredients. A very good thing. Allen Pierleoni in the Sac Bee.

Best Thing I Put in My Mouth This Week: Pumpkin Pie Edition - My favorite is the pumpkin. For me, nothing captures the flavors of fall better than a pumpkin pie, and in the week following t-day, the best example I’ve been able to find is at Green Boheme on Del Paso Blvd. Here’s the weird part, Green Boheme is a raw, vegan restaurant. Yeah. I know. Yet, their refrigerated pumpkin pie is so incredibly rich and spicy and caramelly and nutty and irresistable that I found myself pulling a When Harry Met Sally Meg Ryan routine while I greedily spooned the ridiculously dense goodness into my mouth. I didn’t care that it was raw; I didn’t care that it was vegan. Hell, I wouldn’t have cared if it had been made by a team Islamo/facist kiddie ticklers. The pie was extraordinary. On The Sac Rag.

After stint at Alinea, chef returns to do inventive $100 dinner - On the heels of a four-month stint in one of the country's most revered kitchens, Chef Scott Ostrander is orchestrating a pop-up style dinner at the Red Rabbit Kitchen & Bar on Monday that could, if all goes according to plan, become the stuff of local legend. After chatting with Ostrander by phone and then looking at the intensely ambitious menu, the dinner appears to be influenced by the likes of Rene Redzepi and Heston Blumenthal, two of the world's great culinary wizards. Blair Anthony Robertson in the Sac Bee.

Harvest boon: Hungry? Follow the food from grower to plate - Why is Sacramento the “Farm-to-Fork Capital of America”? It's all about the farms. Dozens of local growers supply the region's fine-dining scene with meat and just-picked produce. Sure, it can be pricey—buying locally isn't always necessarily a bargain—but chefs insist there's no better way to find high-quality, fresh ingredients. And tasting locally sourced grub is easy. Area chefs are currently working their culinary magic with produce from these farms. Check out the following picks to find what just may be the tastiest way to travel farm to fork. Christopher Arns in Sac News & Review.

VIDEO: Apple Cranberry Cake with Paragary - Chef Laurel Melchor of Paragary’s Bakery shows Paul Robins how to make an upside down apple cranberry cake. On FOX 40.


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