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Sac Bee restaurant critic Blair Anthony Robertson does another one of his first impressions columns, where he gives quick snapshots of how a couple new restaurants are doing initially. This time, it's Oishii Sushi at 10th & K, Broderick Restaurant & Bar in West Sac and Coyote Tap House at 14th & H.

Robertson on Oishii Sushi Bar & Grill:

In mainstream America, karaoke is something you do after encouragement from Jack Daniel's or Tom Collins...

And if you're not up for brooding like Adele or chirping like Coldplay, you don't have to. We sat in the dining area and enjoyed a low-key dinner with some above-average sushi, seated at a table with a view of the beautiful neon sign at the Crest Theatre. Speaking of signs, Oishii's is a large, bright and tasteful addition to K Street. This place looks like it's serious about being around awhile.

Robertson on Broderick Restaurant & Bar:

Judging from our visit, it's also got some hearty and high-caliber pub food. Broderick is yet another example of how food trucks can serve as a proving ground for aspiring restaurateurs. The food is by the popular food truck Wicked 'wich, the owner of which is a partner in this new venture.

We didn't go for the sandwiches (and frankly, the sandwiches are not yet presented on the menu in an enticing way), but the variety of burgers seemed very appealing. I went with the "Johnny Cash" ($10), a half-pound Niman Ranch burger with cheddar cheese, smoked bacon, peppers, grilled onions and barbecue sauce.

When it arrived at our table, it was a thing of oversized beauty, complete with a large domed burger bun. These burgers have the potential for greatness. Mine fell short only because the beef itself was under- seasoned and a tad on the bland side.

Robertson on Coyote Tap House:

I like different. I like creative. I support bold strokes. Heck, I even like coyotes.

But put it all together and it has to make sense. Coyote Tap House, open only a few weeks, has plenty of convincing to do.

We stopped by in its early days only to play an annoying game of "we don't have that one" when we tried to order a couple of beers. Our server gave us a sheet of paper with the beer list and the first four we ordered, one after another, was met with a version of "we don't have that one."

Robertson also reviews Peruvial restaurant La Huaca in Roseville. Read that and the rest of the reviews in the Sac Bee.

More News:

Chef Tony brings homestyle cooking to Headhunters - Chef Tony of Headhunters didn't hesitate when asked what's changed since Cornerstone restaurant moved out at the end of October. "Everything is made in house," he said. "Everything is homemade. Nothing is from a mix." That includes the hamburger buns, gravy, hollandaise sauce, pastries, desserts, you name it. Chef Tony, formally known as Tony Crane, makes nearly everything from scratch – and with love – a source of pride for the man now running the food show at the Midtown eatery/bar. Karen Wilkinson in Sac Press.

Less salt, more jazz - Abyssinia’s meat dishes are definitely the equal of any Ethiopian in the region, notably the special kitfo and the ye-doro alicha, but it needs to jazz up the vegetable dishes and put down the salt shaker to honor the vegetarian aspect of Ethiopian cuisine. Becky Gruenwald in Sac News & Review.

First Bite: Thai Spoon - The Sacramento region abounds with good Thai restaurants, and I’m always happy to discover a new one to add to my list. Last week I had an opportunity to visit the recently-opened Thai Spoon in Natomas, whose fresh, brightly-flavored cuisine and friendly, attentive wait staff made for a very pleasant evening. Kira O'Donnell in Sac Mag.

Looking for a job in food and wine? This place is hiring - In this economy, I know there are a lot of talented but unemployed (or under-employed) people in Midtown, so I was happy to run across this "Now Hiring" sign in a storefront window on 20th Street. The store, Ficklin-Wilcox, has yet to open, but the concept sounds interesting, and the company behind it - the widely respected Ficklin Vineyards -- certainly knows what it's doing. The family-owned business has been going strong since 1946. I just got off the phone with Liz Wilcox of Ficklin Vineyards in Madera. I called her to ask about the jobs and what kind of people they are looking for. Turns out, you don't have to be a certified sommelier or a bona fide food snob to get hired. The most important thing is you have to be good with people and you must have a sincere appreciation for sales and service. Blair Anthony Robertson in the Sac Bee.

VIDEO: Dishin' with Tina-Strobelli's Pizza - Tina Machua joined us from Strobelli's Pizza in Orangevale where she tasted their amazing pizza toppings. On Good Day Sac.


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