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New Helvetia Brewing Co., which Cowtown Eats first reported on its soft opening, will likely have its official grand opening during Sac Beer Week in late Feb. 2013, reports Karen Wilkinson in Sac Press.

While the brewery doesn't serve food (yet), customers are welcome to bring their own, or have it delivered to the business. Eventually he hopes to partner with some local food trucks, and maybe even somewhere down the road, add a restaurant as a complement to the brewery and tasting room.

Parking is not ideal right by the brewery, so customers can park at the Chase bank lot on 16th Street and Broadway.

There are only two beers to choose from at the moment: an IPA and a lager. More will be coming.

Read the entire story in Sac Press.

I hope to make it down on Friday for a taste of the IPA. If you have the time, I urge you to support the local business and help them get off the ground.

New Helvetia Brewing Co. is located at 18th & Broadway.

More News:

More local coffee flavor coming to East Sac - When it comes to coffee shops in Sacramento, there's no such thing as too many in the eyes of Andy and Edie Baker, co-owners of Chocolate Fish Coffee. Sacramento is certainly lucky in the sense that Midtown and downtown are home to a range of locally-owned coffee roasters, from Old Soul, to Temple, Insight and Naked Coffee. It's easy to avoid a chain in favor of local flavor, and Andy – with his wife and business partner Edie – is hoping to add beans to the mix by opening a second location in East Sacramento. Karen Wilkinson in Sac Press.

Ten22 bartender earns bragging rights, $350 for best hot toddy - But when all the points were tabulated, one competitor didn't just win the competition - she owned it. That would be 1st place winner Karina Martinez of Ten22, who scored the $350 top prize. She went all out with her creation, printing a poem on a small coaster underneath the toddy glass, made her own monogrammed tea bags and torched some cinnamon bark for added aromatics. The drink itself was fantastic, which included almond water and Torani syrup, that was perfectly sweet, spiced up and just punchy enough with the bourbon. In short, she nailed it. A few of us wondered, "Who is this Karina Martinez, anyway?" I've judged cocktail competitions around town and never seen her participate, nor have I heard much buzz about her. Judging by her showing Monday night, she can definitely hang with the best bartenders in town due to her creativity and culinary skills. I'm going to make a point to drop into Ten22 to try some more of her cocktail creations - and you should, too. Chris Macias in the Sac Bee.

Ask the expert: Was it cool of me to go nuts when OneSpeed ran out of bread? - Here's a little behind-the-scenes look at customer service at one of the area's better casual restaurants. I'm going to give away the ending: The customer was not happy. At all. Picture Michael Douglas in "Falling Down" trying to order breakfast. Only without the scary glasses. It starts innocently enough. Woman is a regular at OneSpeed. Woman takes client there for lunch. Woman orders steak. (Really? A steak for lunch?) Woman is told the restaurant is out of bread. Woman fires off email to yours truly. And yours truly promptly puts down everything he is doing and heads over to Folsom Boulevard demanding some answers, and fast. OK, no I didn't. Blair Anthony Robertson in the Sac Bee.

OneSpeed's focaccia-gate update: We blew it on that one -  Following up on yesterday's post about OneSpeed, its missing bread and a carb-crazed customer who was not amused, I received a nice email from owner/chef Rick Mahan, who made no excuses for the missing bread. His email, which I will excerpt below, also reveals a few things about the business and about why OneSpeed is packed every day it is open. Whether this customer was right to complain -- and most of you think she needed to take a deep breath and shut up a little -- is not really the point from the restaurant's persepective. It wants to serve customers and make them happy. This kind of attitude is not for everyone. Successful people in the service industry, however, seem to have the gene hard-wired into their DNA. Me? You? Wouldn't it be more fun to tell her to take a hike? Blair Anthony Robertson in the Sac Bee.

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