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Happy Hour at Tan's China Bistro

Dining News: Dawson's at the Hyatt Overpromises, Overcharges & Underdelivers

Sometimes, the most entertaining restaurant reviews are for restaurants that aren't just awful, but ones that have all the tools to be good, but aren't. Sac Bee restaurant critic Blair Anthony Robertson provides the entertainment, in a terrible review of Dawson's, the restaurant inside the Hyatt.

[F]eel free to extend me your condolences nonetheless for having dined – and dined again – at Dawson's, a restaurant that woefully overpromises, dramatically overcharges and pathetically under-delivers in nearly every fundamental way.

It wasn't fun. It wasn't entertaining. There was no energy or excitement to the room, and the only thing interesting was the temerity of the whole thing, like charging $38 for $18 worth of middling seafood cioppino, asking $35 for a $15 pork chop and, worst of all, luring us into this dreamlike world in which a subpar chicken dish is suddenly worth $29 instead of $6.50.

What do I mean by underdeliver? That pork chop may be extra-pricey, but the kitchen will make up for it with all kinds of razzle-dazzle with vegetables and accoutrements and mind-boggling technique, right?

Wrong. Veggies are extra.

Read the entire review in the Sac Bee.

More News:

Chef Mike Thiemann to leave Sacramento, become culinary director for Tyler Florence - Just about a year to the date which Mike Thiemann took over as executive chef for Ella Dining Room & Bar, he will be leaving Sacramento in early February. Thiemann has accepted a job as culinary director for Tyler Florence, the Food Network celebrity chef who oversees restaurants, a line of cookware and authors cookbooks. Before Thiemann came to Ella in early 2012, he served as Florence's chef de cuisine and helped him open restaurants and develop recipes. Thiemann will serve as Florence's right hand man in many facets of his food empire. Chris Macias in the Sac Bee.

Dine Downtown 2013: Blackbird Restaurant & Bar: a Field Mark of Sophistication - Sacramento’s Dine Downtown Week is now in full swing and it has been so much fun so far! Andy and I have had the privilege of trying out three different menus from a list of nearly 30 restaurants, and last night’s trip to Blackbird Restaurant and Bar was incredible! I am only disappointed it took me this long to discover them. Since their opening in April last year, I had heard so many great things about the food and the atmosphere, the art on the walls, and so on. I kept reading Blackbird’s menu and wanting to go because almost everything on it was paleo! Now that I have a few more hours a week (since my work commute time has been drastically cut), it’s fun to be able to spend a little bit more time with Andy and hit some new-ish places like this one. Kristy DeVaney on Cavegrrl.

Burger masters coming home - Go ahead; do it. Sell your home in Land Park with its dormer windows and backyard pool, move down to the desert in Southern California, open a hamburger joint and rake in $1.2 million a year. Richard Ameil and Dean Talbott did just that. Their success didn't stop them from missing Sacramento. In the end, they sold their Grill-A-Burger restaurant in Palm Desert. They're now using a portion of the proceeds to open a new burger joint at 1407 Howe Ave. sometime in April. Cathie Anderson in the Sac Bee.

Dine Downtown Sacramento 2013: Blue Prynt Restaurant and Bar - It’s that time again! Sacramento’s Dine Downtown week began yesterday, January 9th and runs through January 18th, 2012. For 10 days only, you can enjoy a special three-course dinner menu at some of downtown Sacramento’s hottest restaurants for only $30 per person. I returned to both of the restaurants I visited last year because I really enjoyed working with both the owners and chefs, and because Andy and enjoyed the menus very much. So, I’d like to present to you: Blue Prynt Restaurant and Bar. Kristy DeVaney on Cavegrrl.

VIDEO: Smoked Duck Spring Rolls from the Pilothouse - Chef Julian Vasquez of the Pilothouse on the Delta King makes his Spring Roll appetizer available on the Dine Downtown menu. On FOX 40.


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