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Dining News: San Francisco Chronicle 'Discovers' Sacramento Cocktail Scene

Sacramento's food and cocktail scene has grown up. If Michelin gave stars in our area, I'm sure we'd have more than one restaurant that would deserve it. (I'm looking at you, The Kitchen and Enotria.)

But sometimes, it seems like our city hasn't learned to act like we belong. We may not have the quantity of excellent restaurants that a larger city has, but the quality and adventurousness are here.

Here's some evidence. Over the weekend, the San Francisco Chronicle printed two articles, one about our Food to Fork movement and one about our cocktail scene.

The reaction on social media was a little too enthusiastic. "WAHOO!" read a Tweet by a friend, whom I won't single out since it's not really about them. That's just one example of the many Facebook posts or Tweets I saw.

In looking at the articles closely, I kind of read them as a backhanded compliment.

"In bars as in baseball, Sacramento is a triple-A farm team for the Bay Area," read one of the articles. I'm surprised that the story didn't later say one our cocktails was a Sacramento 10, but a Bay Area 6.

I don't think it was meant as an insult. Maybe that line was inserted by an editor. Nevertheless, we shouldn't have to accept an attitude that's no longer true.

Sacramento's restaurants have made it. Other region's eateries may get more buzz and their chefs may be more famous, but that doesn't mean their food is better.

WHEN we receive this type of attention in the future, we shouldn't be happy with lukewarm validation. We shouldn't rejoice when we're called the tallest little person. We need to embrace our unqualified excellence, stop being happy with any attention larger cities might send our way and then, hopefully, we'll get the respect we deserve.

Read the stories for yourself and let me know what you think below.

SF Chronicle: In Sacramento's cocktail scene, a nexus of local talent

SF Chronicle: Sacramento growing a taste for local food

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