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Dining News: Service Excellent, Food Hit or Miss at Clark's Corner

Clark's Corner has mastered the art of being a neighborhood hangout, but they haven't mastered what's coming out of their kitchen, says Sac Bee's Blair Anthony Robertson.

Whether you're feeling blue or blah or absolutely upbeat, whether you stop in alone or with groups of family and friends, you're likely to leave this restaurant and bar feeling just a bit better than when you arrived.

That was our experience time and again....

Clark's Corner may be superior to most places we've visited when it comes to friendly and genuine customer service, but its performance in the kitchen will determine how things shake out in months and years to come. Our experiences dining there were mixed, with more hits than misses; but we saw enough errors that we can't put Clark's Corner in the same category as heavy hitters in east Sacramento such as OneSpeed, Juno's, Formoli's, Selland's Market-Cafe, Cafe Rolle and Nopalitos.

Read the entire review in the Sac Bee.

More News:

Ryu Jin Ramen House - My final impression of Ryu Jin was that it was "maa maa" (the Japanese phrase for "so-so"). The ramen didn't knock my socks off but it was decent and would quell a ramen craving, however, not enough to warrant waiting a lengthy period of time for a table. In the future, I'd probably opt to order a to-go order or visit their sister restaurant on Freeport as it also serves the same ramen minus the crowd. It is nice though to see more ramen-yas opening up around Sacramento and being embraced by diners...hopefully, a few late night yakitori stands will follow. ;)  Ally Gaffan on A Girl and her Fork.

Sacramento chefs on why knives aren't just knives - Get a few local top chefs in a room together to unfurl the leather-knife rolls and discuss nuances in their choices in cutlery and the ogling starts immediately, over stag-antler handles and blue-steel blades. Calling one of these knives your own means you're dedicated to the highest levels of cooking, where every slice is like a handwritten signature. They speak of "sweet spots" and custom detailing the way a rock star muses about the sunburst finish on a '59 Les Paul electric guitar. They're willing to spend hundreds of dollars to score that perfect instrument, the one that slices so effortlessly, forever sturdy during the perpetual onslaught of dinner rushes. Working with a dull blade is like a kitchen insult, that can only mean awkwardly cut vegetables and messy slices of meat. Chris Macias in the Sac Bee.

Cathie Anderson: Fresh Choice reinvents itself - The restaurant at 535 Howe Ave. looks just like Fresh Choice. It has the same telephone number, a similar menu and pricing, and – much to the delight of regular customers such as Norman Pollitt – 70 percent of the friendly staff from Fresh Choice. But it's not Fresh Choice. David Boyd, the president of Fresh Choice, couldn't revive the Emeryville restaurant company from its second go-round in Chapter 11 bankruptcy reorganization. It slid into a Chapter 7 liquidation in November, with debt totaling more than $5 million. All locations were closed, and assets were sold to satisfy creditors. Cathie Anderson in the Sac Bee.

New Thai Kitchen: Crave the Cuisine - So on a recent rainy and dismal Saturday evening, I stopped by Roseville’s New Thai Kitchen for a little pick-me-up. The restaurant, tucked away in the corner of Stone Point Retail Center – home to local foodie favorites Paul Martin’s American Bistro and Blue Nami – is unimposing. The walls, a deep maroon, are adorned with simple Buddha prints and tasteful gold accents, while the layout provides patrons with an easy view of the open kitchen where a single cook commands the range. My dining partner and I, immediately intoxicated by the wafting aroma of spices that pervade the eatery, anxiously awaited the Larb (Thai lettuce wraps) we ordered as a starter. We didn’t have to wait long. New Thai Kitchen’s service is fast, friendly and efficient. The wraps were covered with that sweet and sour nam pla sauce that defines Thai food, and I found myself eating the leftover bits with just my fingers. Kelly Soderlund in Style Mag.

VIDEO: Thousands Apply At New Restaurant Coming To Arden Fair Mall - Now hiring! A new upscale restaurant is moving into the Arden Fair Mall, and people are flocking to get one of the new jobs at Seasons 52. On CBS 13.


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