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Recap: Tuli Chef Adam Pechal Appears on The Taste *SPOILERS*

Tuli & Restaurant Thir13en Chef Adam Pechal finally appeared on The Taste, and he got his 4 minutes of fame.

In the show, each chef creates one taste, and the judges -- chef Anthony Bourdain, British food star Nigella Lawson, expert chef and author Ludo Lefebvre and restaurateur Brian Malarkey -- each try a bite and decide whether they'll agree to mentor the contestant.

Pechal was selected by the fourth judge to speak, Malarkey, and lives to cook another day.

Here's the full transcript, with pictures:

Chef Adam Pechal: Hi, my name is Adam. I'm from Sacramento, California. I own two restaurants and I'm an executive chef.

So I'm gonna sear some scallops, and do a little corn hash,  and then, the sauce is gonna be this, um, this tomatillo salsa. I've heard scallops have been a popular item, and, I was getting a little worried 'cause I guess the judges are getting a little sick of scallops.


Food has always sort of dominated my life, and so I guess, you know, when, food's your drug of choice, you better become the dealer. Ha Ha!

You know, i don't want to get ahead of myself, but I think I've got what it takes to be the very first winner of "The Taste."

Brian Malarkey: Nice heat.

Anthony Bourdain: Nice little heat whoa! coming on there.

Nigella Lawson: Goodness me. whoa! the corn... served the heat.

Ludo Lefebvre: It's crunchy enough. you think?

Nigella: I love that feeling of the fiery confetti.

Bourdain: Let's see how this is gonna play out. Who's behind the hatch? welcome.

Pechal: Great to be here.

Bourdain: What's your name?

Pechal: My name's Adam Pechal. I'm from Sacramento, California.

Bourdain: You in the business?

Pechal: I own two restaurants in Sacramento and a catering company. So professional, yes.

Bourdain: What did you make for us today?

Pechal: It's a seared scallop over a little bit of chorizo and corn hash, and then that heat you guys were getting was a habenero tomatillo salsa.

Nigella: I'm really sorry because i have a full quota. Those flavors were fab. So thank you.

Ludo: A great dish, but, my team is full, too. There we go. sorry. !*@&!

Bourdain: I thought it was a delicious dish. I was very happy with it. Unfortunately, at this very late stage in the game, I can't use you on my team.

Malarkey: My team is not full, all right? Hey, all right. and so I'm looking for the final piece of the puzzle, the last complement. We need to stock our team. We need to load it up. Did you hear what I just said? We need to stock our team. all right? Yep! you wanna come play?


Pechal: Happy to be here.

Malarkey: Here we go!

Pechal: Let's do it.

Malarkey: Here we go, Adam! you're in! get ready. You know what we need to do? We need to teach our team how to get off scallops and get off corn, because we got a couple of 'em on our team.

Pechal: that's what i've heard. i was a little worried about that. That's enough for now.

Malarkey: Congratulations.

Pechal: Thank you much.

Bourdain: You found yourself a good cook.

Pechal: Whoo! Made it! Let's do this! I'm super stoked. You know, there's always a shred of doubt, but I feel I belong here and I'm happy to be here.

Malarkey: I'm ready for this. I'm ready for this. I'm gonna take it to the field. We're gonna win in the kitchen.

Check back next Tuesday to find out how Chef Adam Pechal does in The Taste.


I am so happy that Adam made it on the show, and I will be rooting for him all the way. I don’t know what kind of coach Mlarkey will make because I never saw him on master chef, but it will be a great experience regardless. I was talking to a friend that I work with at DISH who was worried when he saw the teams filling up before Adam came on, and I think that he may have gotten a better coach if he had been one of the earlier auditions. I missed the show last night because I was watching NCIS, but fortunately I was able to catch up with a recording. I love how my DISH Hopper can record up to six programs at once during primetime, so I never miss anything!

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