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Dining News: Tako Korean BBQ is 'Good, Playful & Affordable'


In his weekend restaurant review, Sac Bee restaurant reviewer Blair Anthony Robertson takes a look at Tako Korean BBQ, now that it's gone through its opening growing pains.

The kimchi quesadilla ($5) is my favorite item on the menu, a tour de force of color, texture and flavor that stands tall and proud at the intersection of imaginative and seriously good.

It's a quesadilla in size and shape, transformed to a new dimension by crunchy, fermented Napa cabbage (created from scratch by Cho's mother), perfectly toasty tortillas and gooey cheese. The purple finishing sauce drizzled over the top gives it creamy texture and visual appeal – it's made with blueberries.

And if you go with the highly recommended spicy pork as an add-on ($2), you have one of the greatest little meals going.

Tako Korean BBQ knows what it's doing with meats and these folks understand flavor. The bulgogi (marinated beef) has a gentle sweetness on the palate.

Read the entire review in the Sac Bee. (Read my Instant Reaction here.)

More News:

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