Cowtown Eats Endorsement: Girls on the Grid Most Eligible Bachelor, Bachelorette
Dining News: Tako Korean BBQ is 'Good, Playful & Affordable'

Top 15 Cowtown Eats Posts of January 2013


The top 15 most popular posts (separate from the Top 15 Happy Hours list) of January 2013 were:

  1. Instant Reaction: LowBrau Bierhall
  2. Instant Reaction: Krush Burger's Brick & Motar Restaurant
  3. Recap: Tuli Chef Adam Pechal Appears on The Taste *SPOILERS*
  4. Cowtowneats Guide to Late Night Happy Hours
  5. 13 Places to Get Bottomless Mimosas in Sacramento
  6. Sacramento Happy Hour Map
  7. Dining News: Bacon & Butter Prohibited From Selling Alcohol
  8. Dining News: Burgers & Brew Owner Plans New Downtown Pizza Restaurant
  9. Dining News: JR's Texas BBQ Thrown a Lifeline
  10. Dining News: RIP JR's Texas BBQ?
  11. Top 15 Happy Hours of 2012
  12. Top 15 Happy Hours of 2011
  13. How to Save 50 Percent at Good Restaurants, Third Edition
  14. Dining News: Sac Bacon Fest Starts on Sunday
  15. Dining News: Rare Bad Review for Formoli's Bistro

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