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Dining News: RIP Spataro, Hello Hock Farm Crafts & Provisions


Spataro, the Paragary restaurant at 1415 L street, will close at the end of the week and be replaced by Hock Farm Crafts & Provisions and Vanguard, reports the Capitol Morning Report.

Out goes the menu featuring Italian dishes; in comes the one featuring local, seasonal ingredients and produce, much of which will be gathered from local farmers markets. Marketing Director Callista Wengler says the new name honors the Sutter Hock Farm, established by Sacramento founder and first citizen John Sutter in 1841. "The kind of cuisine we're doing is something different from what you'll see at other places in our vicinity," Wengler said. Patrons can expect to see salads, soups and small plates on the menu with items including crispy pork belly, wood oven-roasted mussels and chicken liver mousse.

Hock Farm Crafts & Provisions is expected to open in early April and will occupy the sit down restaurant portion of the current Spataro space. Vanguard will be operated by Trevor Shults (who manages The Assembly and co-owns BarWest with Randy Paragary) and will occupy the space currently housing the Spataro bar. The space will be configured as a lounge.

I e-mailed Paragary's marketing staff on Tuesday, and they say that there will be an official announcement later in the week.

I'm not shocked that Paragary is trying a different concept here. I ate dinner there on Friday night, and the place wasn't packed. It does great happy hour business, but that space seems like it could be much more successful.

For more, visit Hock Farm Crafts & Provisions on Facebook and read the entire story at the Capitol Morning Report (subscription required).

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