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De veres

The restaurant Blue Plate Special came to popularity during the Great Depression. While our Great Recession seems to be getting better, that doesn't mean we can't still save a couple bucks while eating well. Sac Mag's Cathy Cassinos-Carr gives us a couple "restaurants serving daily lunch specials that fit the profile: budget-friendly comfort food served in places that could be on TV’s 'Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives.'"

The Place: de Vere's Irish Pub (1521 L St.; deverespub.com)
The Lowdown: This is not a grubby pub, so it doesn’t fit our parameters exactly. But it offers some decent deals, and the food is comfort-y.
The Special: Half-sandwich combo (tuna, pastrami, chicken or Reuben) with soup, chips or crisps (11 a.m.–4 p.m. weekdays)
Taste-Test: Delicious, not-too-fatty hot pastrami, oozing with fontina cheese; creamy broccoli soup was tasty, too
Price Tag: $8.99
Also Noted: State workers (with ID) get a 15 percent discount on weekday lunches. Another bargain: A yummy Irish stew with brown bread is just $7.99.

The piece also features dishes from Sammy's Restaurant on Del Paso Blvd, Roxie Deli & Grocery on C St in East Sac, and Market Club on Fifth St. south of Broadway.

Read the entire article in Sac Mag.

More News:

TreyBCakes of Sacramento Competes in Final Round of Cupcake Wars - When the SacFoodies found out that local bakery, TreyBCakes was competing in the Food Network’s tastiest food competition, Cupcake Wars, we were thrilled for the chance to sample their nationally recognized cupcakes! On last night’s episode titled “Aloha Cupcakes,” Jenni & Stacy of TreyBCakes, competed for a chance to serve their cupcakes at the Hawaii Food and Wine Festival in Oahu. Jenni and Stacy weren’t chosen as the winners, but really demonstrated their talented culinary skills by putting forth quite the cupcake: Pineapple Pork with Roasted Pig – a pork flavored cupcake enriched with mango kim chee chutney & pineapple cream cheese frosting. Ana Marie Aguas and Sara Ortega on Sac Foodies.

Red Rabbit Kitchen & Bar, Sacramento - Red Rabbit Kitchen & Bar, most commonly referred to as simply ‘Red Rabbit,’ is a Midtown favorite and, until recently, I had only visited to check out the Happy Hour. But when a friend came to town last weekend, I was determined to take her to a place that was uniquely Sacramento—and Red Rabbit is just that. Jake Ferguson in Sac Foodies.

El Pollo Feliz: Choose the chicken - For a restaurant dubbed “the happy chicken,” El Pollo Feliz sure smokes a lot of birds. These chickens get one heck of an afterlife: Their parts are rubbed with earthy Mexican spices and then slow-cooked in a smoker for hours. Their flesh becomes fall-off-the-bone soft and infused with an aromatic wood-chip flavor that stays in patrons’ hair and clothes until their next shower. Indeed, the restaurant—the closest eatery to this reviewer’s home in Carmichael—sometimes covers the entire neighborhood in its distinct smoky barbecue smell. Especially on weekends. Jonathan Mendick in Sac News Review.

Drive Thru Menu Price Comparsion - The other day, after begrudgingly paying $4.19 for a Big Mac, I decided to take a closer look at fast food prices in town. I have a pretty good perspective on this subject, I conducted a comprehensive survey of drive-thru menus back in 2002, capturing most of their prices in the process. Last week I went back and took another look. I compared the menus and prices from two time periods at seven fast food restaurants: McDonalds, Taco Bell, Burger King, Carl's Jr., Wendy's, El Pollo Loco and In-n-Out. Everybody's prices went up, more than I had expected, more than the Consumer Price Index reported, sometimes as much as 100% for an individual item. Rob Cockerham on Cockeyed.

VIDEO: Mad Men Cocktails - Pour House Bartenders make cocktails inspired by the critically-acclaimed AMC series. On Good Day Sac.


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