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Vanguard, the new bar replacing Spataro Bar at 14th & L, opens this weekend. I haven't been, but I've heard from people who have attended events there that the decor reminds people of Scandal Bar on the second floor of the Citizen Hotel.

Here's how the Sac Bee's Chris Macias describes the place.

Low-calorie "skinny" margaritas and pre-Prohibition-era cocktails can be comfortably consumed on 22-foot-long leather couches while DJs play remixed '90s songs through the high-end sound system.

It's all part of an experience designed to entice the 30-and-up set to Vanguard, a new lounge and nightspot near 14th and L streets that celebrates its grand opening at 10 p.m. Friday...

Now, all that's needed are Sacramento's grown and sexy to get this party started. The latest local nightspot to cater toward an older crowd, Vanguard hopes to draw that demographic and its disposable income for a fun night on the town, with the babysitter on speed-dial.

Read the entire story in the Sac Bee.

More News:

VIDEO: Art Installation at New Vanguard Bar Depicting Wives, Mistresses and Lovers of Governors Pulled - Sacramento artist Maren Conrad produced a unique collection called “Politically Vulnerable.” It depicts wives, mistresses and lovers of California Governors. The collection had graced the walls of the Vanguard Bar until a female lobbyist complained about it. “It’s really sad for me because in some way. I feel like these women are being silenced once again, their stories are being silenced,” said Maren Conrad on FOX 40.

Vanguard wants to bring class to the club scene - With Vanguard, veteran nightclub owner Bob Simpson wants to push the envelope on Sacramento’s sophisticated and elegant night club scene. “We want people to dress to impress,” Simpson said. “There really isn’t anything like this in Sacramento now.” The new bar will be enforcing a strict dress code, he said. People trying to get in with flip-flops and T-shirts won’t pass muster. Mark Anderson in the Sac Biz Journal.

Artistically vulnerable: Vanguard owners pull controversial art collection - Local artist Maren Conrad spent six weeks creating a collection of paintings titled “Politically Vulnerable” that depicts ten wives, girlfriends and lovers of California governors, both past and present – but you won’t see it hanging from the walls of the Vanguard bar when it opens downtown this weekend, as was originally planned. “Art is supposed to provoke conversation,” Conrad said in response to the bar owners pulling her collection after complaints. “That’s why we as artists create. It’s so unfeminist to say these powerful, courageous women don’t get to be put on that wall, and I’m not surprised that men are cowering away from this issue.”  Allison Joy in Sac Press.

Maren Conrad - The Grid's Most Controversial Artist? - How did a 33 year-old, single mother and local artist become a lighting rod over artistic expression, censorship, double standards, gender roles and feminism? Rachel Smith and Laura Braden on Girls on the Grid.

Art rejected by downtown Sacramento bar finds home with local lawyer - Local artist Maren Conrad sold her collection, “Politically Vulnerable,” yesterday, June 11 – two days after it was removed from the walls of the Vanguard bar, due to a complaint made by a local lobbyist. The collection is comprised of 12 paintings of ten women, all of whom Conrad credits as possessing powerful voices that rose above those of the former governors with whom the women were involved. Allison Joy on Sac Press.


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