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Dining News: How Arab Investors Found Krush Burger


Krush Burger (then Mini Burger Truck) was the first gourmet Sacramento food truck to hit the streets. And a couple weeks ago, they were the first food truck to only expand internationally.

But I've never seen them talk about how it was that Krush Burger skipped opening an outlet in Elk Grove and went straight to Dubai.

In a great piece about the mobile food business, Douglas Curley brings us the details, in Comstock's Mag.

But the biggest announcement has already been made public: Construction is underway on an international franchise location in Dubai. A second is planned for Abu Dhabi.

“This all came about because there was a group of Arab investors looking to bring a unique U.S. burger concept to their homeland,” Vculek explains. “They didn’t want another McDonald’s or Burger King. They wanted a different experience.”

The investors actually found Krush Burger with a Google search. “That was really the basis of their research,” Vculek says. They came for a visit, spent a couple weeks checking out the business model and the deal was done.

Do yourself a favor and read the entire pice in Comstocks Mag.

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