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Dining News: More on Tank House at 20th & J


Last Week, Tank House revealed itself to the world as a BBQ restaurant by a former bartender at The Golden Bear and his wife. Now, Jared Goyette fills in some of the details in Sac Press.

The barbecue style will be a cross between Kansas City and west Texas, which as Williams explains, means the meat will be smoked, seasoned and then covered in thick barbecue sauce.

The barbecue "pit master" won't be married to any one style, however...

There will be cocktails, but Williams, who is a bartender at Golden Bear, plans to stay clear of craft cocktails at Tank House, describing it as a "shot and beer scenario."

Get more details, including the design of the new place and how it got its name, in Sac Press.

More News:

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Is Yelp A Bully Or Just Misunderstood? - The online reviewing behemoth is regularly accused of Mafia-style extortion by disgruntled business owners and the media. But even as Ivy League researchers debunk the conspiracy theories, the company’s shadowy reputation remains intact. Why is it so hard to believe that Yelp might actually be fair? Sandra Allen on BuzzFeed.

Counter Culture: 1-4-5 Club: making food count in Rio Linda - Rio Linda is only a 20-minute drive from downtown Sacramento, but it's a world away. The former poultry capital is workin'-folk country where the dented pickup trucks are actually used to haul stuff, and you're likely to see horses on Main Street. Much of the passing scenery is of fields of produce and grazing livestock. This is the "farm" referred to in the foodie "farm-to-fork" mantra. Things were slow at lunchtime the other day at the 1-4-5 Club there, but we're told the joint jumps after dark. It's a venue for live music most nights (call for details). You can tell by the musical instruments displayed around the rooms, the stage with the drum kit and the name of the place itself. The "1-4-5" chord progression is basic in blues music and serves as the foundation for much of country and pop. Allen Pierleoni in the Sac Bee.

Dining review: Cordova Casino's Lodge restaurant isn't a sure bet - But each of my visits over the past six months got progressively worse, as if there were a war of attrition in the kitchen and the only one left refused to understand basic concepts like balance, finesse and, you know, looking at the food before sending it out to the customers. What are the odds that the spare ribs would be inedible? In fact, the ribs were so tough I couldn't get past the first bite, noshing mightily until I realized this disaster was not meant for human consumption. Blair Anthony Robertson in the Sac Bee.

VIDEO: Lake Forest Café to serve final customers this weekend; ADA suit forces Folsom cafe to shut its doors - The Lake Forest Café will serve customers for the final time Sunday. Earlier this week, the lunchtime crowd piled into the café like it always seems to. Lake Forest has served thousands of lunches in the 31 years it has been open. But it will only serve a couple more meals as the Folsom landmark closes its doors for good. The café is the latest victim of an ADA Compliance lawsuit. Chris Riva on KCRA.


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