Dining News: Changes Afoot at Maranello
Free Orange Chicken from Panda Express on Friday Night

Dining News: Pizzas at Hock Farm a 'Sure Bet'


Sac Mag is the latest publication to give their two cents on new farm to table restaurant Hock Farm.

Standout dishes from my visits included a tender, herbsprinkled roasted half chicken; a crispy asparagus fritto misto punctuated with fat Gulf shrimp, artichoke hearts, tangy lemon slices and baby fava beans; and a pistachiospeckled roasted beet salad enlivened with juicy chunks of ruby grapefruit and bathed in a zingy citrus vinaigrette.

A moist pork shoulder dotted with Manila clams and arugula was perhaps the best thing I tried. Lusty, complex and inspired, it provided the perfect sopping sauce for a cushy side of housemade focaccia. Hock Farm’s pizzas also are a sure bet. I relished a daily version that was garnished with tender stalks of asparagus and mushrooms. The mahogany-colored duck confit, accompanied by slightly spicy pork sausage and braised Savoy cabbage, was another winning dish.

Read the entire review in Sac Mag.

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More News:

Burgess Brothers’ Burgers: Happy to serve you - I must have passed the restaurant 100 times without realizing they had more than burgers. Fortunately, they lugged their smoker over to the Track 7 Brewing Co. parking lot one Sunday, where I discovered them. The pork and beef ribs I tasted then were both incredibly tender and flavorful, brushed with a tomato-based hickory-flavored sauce. Equally memorable was the employees’ friendliness. The two children with me even received complimentary (and tasty) chicken skewers, generously stacked with mushrooms, roasted peppers and onions. A trip to the actual restaurant turned out just as well. The front room is set up almost like a family room, with some recliners and a big-screen TV for watching sports. Food is ordered in an adjacent, larger room. The décor here is spare, featuring police and fire gear, photos, and framed newspaper articles. Ann Martin Rolke in Sac News & Review.

Slocum House founder to take over Rio City Cafe - Kassis recently bought Rio City Café and says he is excited about its prospects. The deal is expected to close by mid-July...Rio City, a bustling but largely unheralded eatery that caters mostly to tourists, is a vastly different restaurant than Slocum House, which was known for its excellent food, romantic setting and special-occasion prices. Though Rio City is right on the Sacramento River, it never really made seafood a focal point of the menu. Kassis plans to change that, though he said changes will be gradual. Blair Anthony Robertson in the Sac Bee.

Beer Run: The polarizing nature of West Coast IPAs - In the Sacramento area, craft brewers are turning out some excellent IPAs. The IPA at Rubicon is a classic example and a great user-friendly introduction to this style. Track 7's Panic IPA, now available by the bottle, is a balanced yet fully hopped beer with plenty of flavor and a lingering bitterness that works especially well with food. Blair Anthony Robertson in the Sac Bee. 

Hitting the Burger Jackpot - It’s fitting that Krush Burger (formerly Mini Burger, of food-truck fame) would set up its first bona fide restaurant on the ground floor of the California Lottery headquarters. Ordering from the creative menu of sliders and sides feels a little like choosing Lotto numbers: You want just the right combination to yield a winner. The difference, of course, is that the payoff from a meal here is far more satisfying than any Scratcher I’ve ever played. Catherine Warmerdam in Sac Mag.

VIDEO: The Sacramento Beer Train - Mark S. Allen was on The Sacramento Beer Train. On Good Day Sac Part 1 | Part 2.


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