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Dining News: Simon's Bar to get a Facelift


** Update 6/6/2013. Simon's clarifies that they will be closed the first 10 days of July for their facelift. For more info, see this post.

Simon's Bar is very popular with legislators, their staffers and others who work and live downtown. In fact, Gov. Jerry Brown was there in 2011 visiting Republican legislators and courting their votes as part of a budget deal.

But in the looks department, it could use an upgrade. The owners have recognized it, and are planning a late summer remodel, reports Mark Anderson in the Sac Biz Journal.

Simon’s food and the menu will stay pretty much the same, but he plans to add happy hour specials and bring in more appetizers.

The Capitol watering hole and Chinese restaurant is at 1415 16th St. It will get its cosmetic remodel in July and August, which are usually the slowest months of the year for the restaurant, Chan said.

The upgrades are scheduled during the legislative summer break.

I called last night to clarify whether they would be staying open during the remodel, or whether they would have to close the restaurant down. The person who picked up the phone at Simon's did not know, and the owner was not available.

Read the entire story in the Sac Biz Journal.

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