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Dining News: 4 Reasons You Can't Rely On Sac Mag's Readers Awards


First, let me make it clear. I'm not talking about the awards given by their staff. While I may not always agree with them, I find their choices to be well thought out and rational. I'm talking strictly about the awards voted on by their readers.

Much like high school elections, these awards are genearlly popularity contests. And much like high school elections, that means the results are hit and miss.

Here are 4 glaring examples why some people consider Sac Mag's reader awards a joke:

1. Hook & Ladder won third place for something it doesn't even offer.

If you need any example of why you can't rely on this reader's survey, this is it.






2. Two chain coffeehouses placed ahead of any of our city's fine coffee establishments.

There's nothing wrong with Starbucks or Pete's. I go to Starbucks much too often because it's across the street from my office. But if I wanted Sacramento's best cup of coffee? I'd head to Old Soul. Or Insight Coffee Roasters. Or Temple Coffee. Or Broadacre. The list goes on and on...





3. Joe's Crab Shack wins any food-related award.

There's definitely a place for Joe's Crab Shack in Sacramento. It's full every time I pay them a visit, and for good reason -- a great concept, they're family friendly, and they offer a little entertainment too from their servers. But one of those reasons isn't their gourmet food. And the fact that they tied for first for Best Crab Cakes is just ridiculous.






4. Best Happy Hour dominated by SRO Restaurants.

I might be Sacramento's foremost expert on happy hours. I've visited more than 200 happy hours, and try to a variety of places so I don't get stuck in a rut. There's nothing wrong with Riverside Clubhouse, Bistro 33 El Dorado Hills or Bistro 33 Davis's happy hours. I find them decent. But there's no way they're the best 3 our region has to offer. Just off the top of my head, Ella has a great high end happy hour with craft cocktails and gourmet appetizers. R15 has cheap beer and filling bar eats. Mix Downtown has tasty eats paired with great daily specials. Paesanos has a fantastic happy hour that could double as an early dinner and discounts on craft beer. Blackbird's happy hour is a great place for upscale food at a discount. Those are in no particular order, but ones that I like going to. The 3 "winners" are fine, but they're not the best.

Here's the entire list, but rememember to read it with a grain of salt, in Sac Mag.

PS: I'm not alleging the results are rigged either. I'm sure that the list accurately reflects the votes cast.

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And then Pechal wins for best chef, lol?

I might be remembering this wrong, but I'm pretty sure I remember Red Robin winning best burger a while back. I think part of the reason the results are crap is because they include Roseville, Rocklin, etc. voters in the polling.

No offense, but these people are surrounded by chain restaurants and have never been to any good Sac restaurants.

These polls (and the News & Review one suffers from the same problem) are heavily weighted to restaurants with more than one location or have been around the longest. For example, the Tower Cafe was a great thing 20 years ago but long ago was surpassed by other restaurants. They can also be influenced by ballot stuff campaigns.

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