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Dining News: Another Restaurant Launches Food Truck

When food trucks first hit the street, many of the culinary entrepreneurs saw the endgame as opening a brick & mortar restaurant. Krush Burger, Drewski's Hot Rod Kitchen, Wicked Wich and Coast to Coast Sandwiches have all successfully made that jump.

But when restaurants saw that there was money to be made in mobile food, they went the other way and started opening food trucks of their own. Examples of that are Chando's Tacos, Squeeze Inn, Mama Kim Eats, etc.

Now, we have another restaurant throwing their hat into the food truck scene - Streets of London, reports Chris Macias in the Sac Bee.

A new addition to Sacramento's fleet of food trucks is expected to start rolling by late-July. Look for the Big Red Bus, a food truck fashioned like a double-decker bus to be run by Streets of London. The popular English-style pub with midtown and West Sacramento locations will feature a menu of fish 'n' chips, plus "global burritos" with fillings that reference Italian and Indian cooking and an English breakfast burrito. Kabobs are also expected to be included among the Big Red Bus' offerings.

The final design touches are being applied to the Big Red Bus, which is nicknamed "Jeeves," like a classic English butler.

Read the entire story in the Sac Bee.

More News:

$175 Tower Bridge dinner tickets sell out within eight hours - Tickets went on sale Monday morning for the Sept. 29 "Farm-to-Fork Tower Bridge Dinner," and "Appetizers" posed the question if the $175 per head price was fair. The answer appears to be a resounding "yes," given that all 600 tickets for the event sold out within eight hours. Chris Macias in the Sac Bee.

Residents sue city over Midtown brewery plans - A group of investors bought an empty warehouse in Midtown at R and 26th streets last year with ambitious plans to transform the building into a space for a new businesses. Those plans are at a standstill now after the project ran into staunch opposition from some neighbors. The investors, led by commercial real estate agent Jim Quessenberry, plan to make the warehouse home to a small brewery and winery and -- wait for it... Midtown residents aren’t too keen on having yet another alcohol establishment in the area. On June 14, a group of residents sued the city after the Planning and Design Commission approved the site plans. Daniel Romandia in Sac Press.

Beer and barbecue bar set for August opening - Attention Midtown barbecue nerds: brisket is on its way. Brisket - one of the trickiest, time-consuming and luscious meats to prepare and the king of Texas-style BBQ - will be the star of Tank House, an upcoming bar located at the site of Sacramento's oldest water tank. Janelle Bitker in the Sac Bee.

Jim-Denny's Superburger makes the list of 50 best burgers - "The definition of a perfect burger is open to opinion," understates the arbiters of all things food and drink at The Daily Meal. That loaded line is part of the introduction to their "40 Best Burgers in America" list, compiled by their panel of experts nationwide. Allen Pierleoni in the Sac Bee.

VIDEO: KCRA A-List winner India House - Chef Daljit Singh Sandhu offers an overview of the many spices that give Indian cuisine it's flavor and healthfulness. On KCRA.


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