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Dining News: Doughbot to Make Cooking Channel Debut Wednesday


Doughbot, Sacramento's favorite gourmet donut shop, took off for a secretive trip to Toronto to compete in Donut Showdown, a Canadian Food Network cooking competition last winter.

The show aired in Canada earlier this year, but not all of us can be blessed to be from the Sac Bee restaurant critic's homeland.

For those of us in the states, the show airs Wednesday at 7 p.m. on the Cooking Channel. On Comcast, that's channel 203 (not available in HD) and on DirecTV, it's channel 232 (in HD).

Doughbot is located at 10th & W streets.

Since we're talking donuts, there was a really entertaining exchange yesterday by The Eatery's chef Jess Milbourn and Doughbot.

For another preview of the show, Catherine Enfield has a writeup on Sac Press.

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More News:

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A Winters Tale - On a warm February morning, Craig’s son, Sean, walks into his father’s office, pulls off mud-caked work boots, sits down on the floor and runs a hand through his dark, shaggy hair. He has been out putting a mineral called gypsum on the soil to improve the drainage of the one-acre field on his father’s property that he took over last year and where he is now growing hops for Sacramento’s Ruhstaller Beer. It’s a perfect example of how Craig is helping nurture the next generation of farmers. Unsure about a future in farming, Sean was drawn into giving it a try, in part, by the opportunity to participate in the region’s budding farm-to-fork or, in this case, farm-to-pint movement. The Sacramento area was once home to the country’s most abundant hop-growing industry. Hops, the key ingredient in beer, fueled Sacramento’s reputation as the West Coast beer capital until Prohibition came along and the local farmers switched crops. Working with J.E. Paino of Ruhstaller—and on a challenge from grocer Darrell Corti to create an authentically local beer—Sean planted the first hop field in the Sacramento region in decades, with the support and advice of his dad. Now in his second season, he already has his sights set on expanding. Anita Chabria in Sactown Mag.

T&R Taste of Texas sold out of 'cue in two hours on the 4th - "I wanted to tell you that the Fourth of July was a roaring success, the biggest day of the year for us," he said. "I prepared enough food for 200 people, which usually takes me all day to sell. But on Thursday I sold out in two hours." How was that possible? "It was the perfect storm," he said. "The article in The Bee came out, it was hot that day and nobody wanted to barbecue, and we had our regular crowd come in. It was crazy. We had tons of big orders - five to 10 slabs of ribs per order, 10 pounds of tri-tip at a time..." Chris Macias Allen Pierleoni in the Sac Bee.

Midtown server race back for a refill - The fourth annual Sacramento Bastille Day Waiters’ Race will include a street festival this Sunday in midtown. The race will be at noon, getting local waiters, waitresses, barkeeps and servers from local restaurants to carry a tray with a bottle of Perrier and two glasses of water in a speed walk around a city block — twice. Mark Anderson in Sac Biz Journal.

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