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Kru is probably the restaurant that I eat at the most frequently, and it is my favorite restaurant that a normal person can afford to eat at without taking a second mortgage on their house. In fact, I ate there Monday night, the third time I've eaten there this year. (ProTip - When you eat there, you can sign up for their birthday club where they'll send you a $15 off coupon on your Big Day that you can use within 5 days. We used that coupon on Monday evening.)

I've written about my love for chef Billy Ngo's restaurant extensively, including recommending eating off their specials menu exclusively and the Sunshine Roll. I chose to have my birthday meal there last year, where I was treated to an Omakase meal (where you tell the chef how much you want to spend and he creates a meal for you), and when I was on a foie gras binge before it became illegal in California, I loved the shaved, frozen foie gras on scallop nigiri. I even had my wedding rehearsal dinner at Chef Billy's now defunct Red Lotus.

Sac Mag's praised their sushi in August 2012 and December 2012, and an employee at rival sushi restaurants Nishiki and Mikuni praised the restaurant in Sac Press.

Sac News & Review even called it the "Best restaurant for amazement and adventure" in September 2012.

Now, the Sac Bee's restaurant critic takes his turn raving about Kru, located at 25th & J streets.

If you show up at Kru on a Sunday or Monday, you're apt to rub elbows with some of the finest chefs in town. They come to pay respect to Buu "Billy" Ngo, the 32-year-old, Chinese-born chef-owner who just happens to be doing the most interesting and dynamic Japanese food around.

These chefs watch this chef do his thing. On a recent weekday for lunch, I spotted chef Pajo Bruich of Enotria with Matthew Accarino, executive chef at the Michelin one-star Italian restaurant SPQR in San Francisco, and the latest participant in Enotria's guest-chef series. Also at Kru that day were Randall Selland and his wife, Nancy Zimmer (The Kitchen, Ella and Selland's Market-Cafe)...

This is the focal point of the Kru experience – the mix of tradition and innovation, the sure-handed technique, the beautifully clean flavors, the teamwork. Whether you sit at the sushi bar or order small-plate or main dishes from the kitchen, you'll encounter food brimming with creativity, finesse, artistry and flavor. Be sure to try the heirloom tomato salad while in season, the smoked duck breast, the pork belly entree with slow-poached egg, the tri-tip salad and the watermelon salad. Our favorite roll at the moment is the Sactown, but feel free to sit back and let Ngo and company create a sushi surprise. Desserts are fun and tasty, though their large portions can be overwhelming and the emphasis on deep-frying can eventually be a turn-off.

Read the entire review in the Sac Bee.

If you're still not sure about the place, they have a great happy hour too.

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