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Dining News: Lowbrau's Sausages are 'Rustic, Flavorful'


If you haven't been to Lowbrau lately, you're missing out. I had a beer there on Monday evening, and we were treated to two great beers. One was a sour raspberry iambic beer, while the other was a saison. Both were delicious and definitely a step up from PBR.

Sac Mag's Kira O'Donnell stopped by recently, and enjoyed their sausages.

If you’ve got hot dogs on the mind, consider upgrading to a rustic, flavorful sausage from midtown’s wildly popular Lowbrau. This self-proclaimed beer hall, nestled in the MARRS building on 20th street, offers up an exciting array of sausages, ranging from the Polish (beef and spices) and Bockwurst (pork and veal) to an assertive wild boar sausage and even several vegan choices (don’t miss the smoked apple sage sausage). Plunked into a sweet or pretzel roll, the sausages come with the choice of two toppings (I recommend the sauerkraut with “fresh-herbed” onions, though it puts a serious damper on canoodling with your sweetie).

Read the entire post in Sac Mag.

More News:

Burger Battle, Coming Soon, Already Here - The date’s been announced for this year’s 2nd annual Burger Battle at Raley Field. Last year’s event was pretty beefy, and this year’s will probably be even more so. My favorite burger last year was a tie between Kupro’s and Flaming Grill, the former going for a luscious meat blend on a squaw roll and the latter going for lamb with more fixings than the law allows, but I felt neither got the recognition it deserved, mostly because Kupro’s has a crap reputation amongst many and Flaming Grill is amazing, but still mostly a parking lot across from former Catholic girls school. Should you want to start your own burger battle a little early, I draw your attention to an old favorite of many, but a new find for me, Scott’s Burger Shack. On The Sac Rag.

Doughnuts are mini, but dreams are big at Old Sac eatery - Danny Johnson started out making his mini-doughnuts on an appropriately small cart in Old Sacramento, but small things apparently need big, big spaces. Johnson moved his business, Danny's Mini Donuts, into a storefront with 300 square feet in February 2010. Then, last July, he expanded into the 300 square feet next door. Now Johnson is negotiating with management in Old Sac for a space that would once again double his size. Cathie Anderson in the Sac Bee.

2 New Restaurants Open in Roseville - Two eateries have been added to the Roseville dining scene recently: Giraffe Restaurant and Wasabi Japanese Fusion. Both restaurants opened just a few weeks ago — Wasabi late-June and Giraffe early-July, according to their Facebook pages.  Here's a little about the two new restaurants. Lauren Gibbs on Roseville Patch.

Jamie's Broadway Grill - Holy Jebus, this place was delightful.  I was iffy about my boyfriend's instructions to "just push my way through the hallway to get to the bar", but it worked.  I settled atop a cushiony barstool next to an older lady plowing her way through a rather large fish entree. On The Fun Junkie.

VIDEO: Brownie shop opens up in Carmichael - Debbie Whiteside, owner of Bombshell Brownies, demonstrates how to mix up the perfect brownie batter. On KCRA.


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