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Dining News: Patrick Mulvaney Defends Pricey Tower Bridge Dinner


There's been a minor (in the big scheme of things) controversy over the price of dinner spanning the Tower Bridge on Sept. 29. Some have said that the $175 price tag is inaccessible to the masses, while organizers have pointed out that the event is a fundraiser and that since its 600 seats sold out in 6 hours, clearly there was demand for those tickets at those prices.

In Sunday's Sac Bee, Patrick Mulvaney of Mulvaney's B&L and Shawn Harrison of Soil Born Farms, penned an op ed defending the price and the event.

Sadly, some have objected to the ticket price of this dinner and decided to denigrate this celebration with epithets such as "farm to silver spoon." Yes, the meal is expensive, but all the tickets for the Sept. 29 event sold out in six hours. Clearly, many residents recognize that this dinner isn't an end in itself. Instead, it is acknowledged as one way of recognizing a vast array of efforts focused on elevating our status as a food capital.

Our region is discovering the future by looking back upon its agricultural heritage. Beyond a river, our region shares the most committed and productive sustainable farmers in the nation. Why not celebrate that? And why not celebrate the far bigger picture that we can't afford to miss seeing?

Read the entire op ed in the Sac Bee.

That opinion piece sparked a spirited debate on Twitter between Sac Bee restaurant critic Blair Anthony Robertson (@BlaRob) Jess Milbourn, the chef at West Sac's The Eatery (@EateryChef), @PassmoreRanch (whom I assume to be Michael Passmore) and former journalist Ed Murrieta (@EdMurrieta). Click here to read the tweet that spanned more than 30 responses. (Twitter only lets you display 2 tweets in a coversation at a time, which you see below.)

As for me, I will not be attending.

I couldn't justify spending $350 on a pair of tickets, but it seems like there are plenty of people who can, or people who have decided to splurge on that dinner. I hope they have fun. Also, I understand there are free and much more affordable events that week that will be accessible to most. I hope to make it out to one of those events (like the cattle drive - that' seems fun and unique).

More News:

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