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Dining News: Calibrate Your Tastes Buds Via Reviews of Capital Dime


With so many reviews of Capital Dime published within days of each other, this gives readers the rare chance to figure out which reviewers they agree with. And instead of having to compare an entire restaurant experience, you can actually just do it with a few dishes that reviewers have coincidentally reviewed.

Note that I'm not saying one is right and one is wrong. Every critic's entitled to their own opinion. Like a movie or TV reviewer, you just get to figure out which one you agree with. Also, it's possible that the restaurant's inconsistent in serving a great dish one night and serving the same dish poorly the next. But still, I think this is a valuable exercise.

(Critics are color coded for convenience.)

On Capital Dime's watermelon salad:

"The watermelon salad with shrimp was outstanding — it showed finesse, elegance, a range of subtle flavors." - Sac Bee's Blair Anthony Robertson

"I know Yelpers have been orgasmically excited over the watermelon-and-shrimp salad. Not sure why. The watermelon’s gloppy texture and soft edges indicated it had likely been cut the day before. And the bonito flakes didn’t provide the saltiness needed for balance, and the mozzarella was lost. This lack of salt and a lack of acidity left us wanting feta and lime juice for a classic watermelon salad." - Sac News & Review's Garrett McCord

On Capital Dime's pastrami:

"The pastrami sliders are just ordinary, possibly because ours were served with nothing but a bun." - Sac Bee's Blair Anthony Robertson

"I found the house-smoked pastrami to be by and far the best pastrami I’ve ever had in this city. It’s intensely smoky and delightful." - Sac News & Review's Garrett McCord

On Capital Dime's Spinach Dip:

"Standout menu items included a rustic, better-than-mom’s spinach and artichoke dip, which left a subtle, lingering heat on the palate." - Sac Mag's Kira O'Donnell

"While early online reviews raved about the dip, our whole party thought the dish was unremarkable. While it had an unusual amount of spinach and artichoke, because it was covered in cheese, it was impossible to determine how fresh/local it was. We also understand that real estate costs are high in that building, but our group thought a fairer price for that dip was in the $7.50 range, not the $10 range, and come with more toast." - Cowtown Eats

Read the entire articles in the Sac Bee, Sac News & Review, Sac Mag and Cowtown Eats.

More News:

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