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Dining News: New Asian Street Cuisine Food Truck to Launch in Sept.


Slightly Skewed, a Sacramento-based food truck that specializes in grilled Asian meat, vegetable skewers and other street foods, will launch launch in Sept.

Here's their concept, per a Craigslist ad they had recently:

Our rotating menu is influenced entirely by the ingredients, flavors, and cooking techniques of Central and Southeast Asia.  On any given day, our customers will enjoy authentic flavors of Korea, Japan, China, Thailand, Vietnam, or any number of other countries of the region.  Though our presentations are sometimes Slightly Skewed, we always remain reverent to the ancestry of the food we serve.

Our business philosophy is simple.  Serve good food, always with great service, and at a reasonable price -- no exceptions.  We understand that hard work is essential to our success.  And when performed with an abiding purpose, it can be both rewarding and fun.

Late last week, I did a quick Q and A with Alan Jong, the father of owner Rob Jong, who is giving his son a helping hand as Rob launches the truck. Here it is, slightly edited for clarity.

Who are the owners and what's their background? 

Rob Jong is the owner/operator of Slightly Skewed and is a fourth generation Sacramentan.  His first exposure to a culinary curriculum was at John F. Kennedy High School in their Culinary Academy.  Upon graduating from Kennedy High School, he chose Cal Poly Pomona to study hospitality management.  In 2011 his focus shifted from the front of the house to the kitchen. With visions of someday opening his own mobile food truck, he headed for Portland, Oregon, a hot spot for food trucks and food carts.  He enrolled at the Oregon Culinary Institute  (http://www.oregonculinaryinstitute.com)  and graduated in November 2012 with a degree in culinary arts.  While at OCI, Rob met Kevin Whitmore, and they became good friends.   Rob returned to Sacramento with plans of opening his own food truck.  With little coaxing, he encouraged Kevin to join him in Sacramento to launch and operate Slightly Skewed.  Together they hope to add a new "flavor" to the ever-evolving Sacramento food scene. [Ed note: Alan wrote back later to clarify that Rob is the sole proprietor, and Kevin works with him on the truck.]

Why did you decide to launch a food truck now?

It is not so much that he decided to launch a truck now, but it has taken until now to get all the planning and development completed.  Rob started formulating his food truck concept and menu while in culinary school, testing his recipes and ideas with classmates and instructors.  With a solid concept and a business plan in place, he chose a manufacturer to build his truck.  It has been almost a year in the making.  How time flies when you are having fun.

Veggie skewers will start at $1.50, meat skewers will start at $3 each, and they'll also serve their skewers as rice bowls or sandwiches too, starting at $7.50.

I'm intrigued. I've traveled in Asia, and have marveled at the taste and affordability of what's known affectionately as street meat. I'm really looking forward to trying this truck.

You can learn more about this truck at www.slightlyskewedtruck.com, on Facebook, or on Twitter, @SkewedTruck.

Ms. Munchie also had a good write up about the new truck at her blog. Per her write up, they'll be borrowing the Wicked 'Wich truck today at the West Sac Farmer's Market to introduce their cuisine to the world while they get the truck together.

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