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Dining News: 12,000 Reasons The Broiler & Gallagher's Closed


To paraphrase former Football star Terrell Owens' publicist, The Broiler's & Gallagher's owner had 12,000 monthly reasons that they had to close. Per Sac Bee's Allen Pierleoni:

The Broiler closed it doors after a long-brewing perfect storm of financial woes that included increasing debt that had accumulated to an average outlay of $12,000 a month, Lords said.

Also, the operation never recovered from the death of Lords’ wife and business partner, Marilou, in August 2012, “the heart and soul of the business,” he said. “She took care of the menus, the guest relations and the staff. I could handle the back of the house fine, but (her part) was starting to slip pretty badly.”

The restaurant, now in Chapter 7 bankruptcy, was battered by the national financial-meltdown years of 2007, 2008 and 2009. “Business steadily fell those three years, by 18 percent, then 22 percent, then 26 percent. I should have closed then, but I figured if I could just keep going long enough, we could get through it and rebuild...”

Over recent years, Lords fell behind on the rent and faced multiple tax liens. “I put everything I had in it to keep it floating,” he said. “I emptied my IRA and sold my wife’s car. There was nothing else I could put in and nowhere I could borrow.”

Pierleoni also reports on a late attempt to sell the restaurant to a new ownership group that fell through.

Read the entire touching story in the Sac Bee.

More News:

Veteran sushi chef to open Sacramento eatery in former Una Mas location - Sushi chef Lou Valente is finally opening the restaurant that he's dreamed about for the last three years, taking over the spot once occupied by Una Mas Mexican Grill at 2801 P St. in Sacramento. He took the keys to the place on Jan. 1 and has spent eight months on design, renovation and government paperwork. If you pass by Lou's Sushi, check out the logo on the windows. Inside the bold red lines, you'll see Valente's face beaming back at you. Cathie Anderson in the Sac Bee.

Español Italian Restaurant: Keep it in the family - The real revelation here is the marinara sauce. Made on-site, it’s a fresh, chunky blend of ripe tomatoes and herbs. Every entree comes with a plate of nicely cooked pasta bathed in this ambrosial sauce. A dish of ravioli is OK on its own, but topped with the house-made marinara, it invites plate licking. Ann Martin Rolke in Sac News & Review.

Dollar-Wise Gourmet: Pub Grub - Craving authentic British fare such as bangers and mash or fish and chips? The Sacramento region offers a plethora of pubs offering such grub (not to mention great beer) at bargain prices. Here are four, featuring Bonn Lair, de Vere's Irish Pub, Streets of London and Churchill Arms Pub in Folsom. Cathy Cassinos-Carr in Sac Mag.

Hawks loses GM — and major talent — to Bay Area - I recently happened upon a tweet from Matthew Walker, the GM and wine director at Hawks, and was saddened to learn he would be leaving town. Anyone who has enjoyed a tremendous dining experience at Hawks, present company included, can likely point to Walker as a being a big part of that. He’s that good. He’s engaging, committed, smart and he clearly loves the restaurant and wine business. During one dinner at Hawks, when I ordered wine pairings with the food, we marveled at Walker’s service and his ability to provide just the right amount of background about the wines and the reasons he selected them to go with the food. I also told him how much I liked the mushroom soup. He returned moments later with the recipe on Hawks stationery, tucked into an envelope. Blair Anthony Robertson in the Sac Bee.

Friday Food Featuring The Rind - What better way to spend a summer night or afternoon sipping a glass of wine or beer while munching on a platter of gourmet cheese. The Rind at 18th and L streets has some of the best varieties of gourmet cheese around. They are KFBK's Friday Food segment.  Joining Kitty O'Neal are husband and wife owners Sara Arbabian and Steve Tatterson. On KFBK.


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