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Two Sundays ago, Estelle’s Patisserie at 9th & K streets followed the lead of Sweet Dozen (whose version is called a doissant) and created its own version of the fad dessert, the croixnut. The marriage of a donut and croissant, the sweet treat has been the talk of the food aisle of the Internet for the last few months.

Read my review of Sweet Dozen’s version of the cronut.

I had high hopes for the cronut from Estelle’s. They are a fine bakery known for their decadent and precise desserts. I love their crème brulee bread pudding and their macaroons. They set a high bar for themselves, and I had high hopes that they’d meet or exceed it.

Unfortunately, for my tastes, it fell a little short. The croixnut seemed to be very well technically executed. It was flaky and buttery, but it seemed like too much of a good thing. It was hard to even remove the croixnut from the box without the layers coming apart. In addition, the taste of the butter overwhelmed the pastry.

Estelle’s croixnut was really a croissant shaped like a donut. Sweet Dozen’s doissant was a donut with some the flakiness and layers of a croissant. I clearly preferred Sweet Dozen’s doissant.

But that doesn’t mean that Estelle’s croixnut wasn’t good. It was, but it wasn’t as good as the other option I’ve tried in the Sacramento region, and it wasn't as good as the rest of Estelle's pastries.

Given all of that, I’d still encourage you to go and try Estelle’s croixnut. While they’re not cheap at $5.25, they’re selling like hot cakes. The first Sunday they sold croixnuts, they sold out their batch of 80 under two hours. This past Sunday, when I arrived at 9:30 a.m., 30 mins after they started selling croixnuts, they had sold about 60 out of the 160 they made. And that’s 2 croixnuts per person limit.

Estelle’s also changes their flavors weekly. This past week, it was banana cream. Follow them on Twitter or Facebook to see what they have this Sunday. I happened to visit them this week to grab a ham sandwich for lunch on a baguette (also tasty), and they had already announced this week's croixnut flavor.


Estelle’s is located at 9th & K streets. You can find them online at http://www.estellespatisserie.com/.


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