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Happy Hour at Coconut Midtown

Dining News: Why Sac News & Review's Readers Are Much Savvier than Sac Mag Readers


At least the ones who vote in their respective "best of" reader surveys.

I'm a little late to this, but Sac News & Review recently published their readers choice awards for food. And unlike Sac Mag's recent version, there wasn't much that offended me. Here are a couple of the highlights of interest to readers of Cowtown Eats:

Best happy hour

1. Shady Lady Saloon

2. The Red Rabbit Kitchen and Bar

3. Cafeteria 15L

Best place for a glass of wine

1. 58 Degrees & Holding Co.

2. The Rind

3. Enotria Restaurant Wine Bar

Best spot to drink a few pints

1. Burgers and Brew

2. The Bonn Lair

3. de Vere's Irish Pub

There are many, many more categories, and you can tell it's a list worth paying attention to since no national chains are on it.

Read the entire list in Sac News & Review.

* Edited for clarity on 10/9/2013 at 10:55 p.m.

More News:

3N1 Barbecue: Up your foodie cred - Some foodies like to hit up the fine-dining restaurants, some like the ethnic spots, and some like the gut-busting, Guy Fieri-type cafes. And then there are those who are the far-flung adventurers. The more obscure and hard-to-find the restaurant is, the better. A cafe inside some other type of business, like a weird market or a church? Check. Strange clash of cultures (say, Nigerian pizza or Salvadorian pho)? Awesome. No Yelp review? Best of all. Becky Gruenwald in Sac News & Review.

Got the next great restaurant idea? This car wash owner wants to hear it - Leach is in real estate, not restaurants. He’s looking for great ideas. And if your pitch resonates with him, you might just be setting up your dream eatery at the corner of 9th and T streets. “I’m really tossing and turning about what makes sense with that small of a space,” Leach told me. “The premise is, come in and get your car washed. Get your dog washed, too, if you want. And have something to eat and drink.” You probably won’t need a lot of money to get the idea going. Leach told me the starting rent will be nominal, if anything, and that he will likely get 10 percent of the gross revenue. Blair Anthony Robertson in the Sac Bee.

Pork five ways at Magpie, a tour de force becomes a tradition - I had a very impressive meal at Magpie Cafe the other night, and even though you probably won’t be able to have the very same meal at this point (it’s in very limited supply), I wanted to tell you about it because it’s a great example of “farm-to-fork” done very well. It’s a reflection of what Magpie is all about. I’m referring to its latest incarnation of “Pork Five Ways.” This one was beautifully presented, well thought out and deliciously realized. Blair Anthony Robertson in the Sac Bee.

Mobile food trucks: Food to go with a side of sales tax - With the mobile food truck industry revving up in California, sales tax is becoming a sizeable issue. In the past three years, the number of licensed mobile food operators jumped more than 45 percent, with an estimated 4,000 statewide, according to the State Board of Equalization. At the same time, the amount of annual sales tax forked over by food truck owners is getting heftier, hitting $12.2 million in 2012...Every time a mobile food truck crosses a county line or city limits, the owner has to charge the prevailing sales tax in that locale. If it’s in West Sacramento for a lunch run, the sales tax is 8.0 percent, but when a mobile food truck rumbles into Roseville for a dinner event, it must switch the tax rate to 7.5 percent. And if the truck makes a stop in Sacramento city, it must charge 8.5 percent. Claudia Buck in the Sac Bee.

VIDEO: Bloom Coffee And Tea - Bloom Coffee and Tea is known not just for their coffee but baristas beautiful art!  Our former barista Mel is learning the art of expressive espresso. On Good Day Sac.


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