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Dining News: Where to Find the Best Korean Food on the Grid

Cowtown Eats first wrote about Aura Korean & Japanese Restaurant replacing Momiji at 14th & G back in July. Last week, I paid the new restaurant a lunch visit, and I'm ready to declare the place the best Korean food on The Grid.

Now, granted, there isn't a lot of competition. Tako Korean BBQ at Alhambra & T serves Korean fusion, and Bento Box at 16th & K serves some Korean dishes, but neither of tries to be a Korean restaurant.

But the statement still stands. Aura has the best Korean food I've had on The Grid.

My dining companion and I decided to do a strictly Korean dish, and a more Americanized entree.


I ordered the spicy tofu soup. I'm kind of a wimp when it comes to spicy dishes, so I ordered it medium. It was a great bowl of lunch on a cool day. The flavors were nuanced, it came with pricey proteins like shrimp, and generally blew both of us away.


My lunch pal decided to order the Korean tacos. When we both tried one, we decided they were at least as good as the ones at Tako Korean BBQ (which we both love), if not better.

I also enjoyed the mom-and-pop vibe of the place. You can tell the place isn't the slickest, but they're trying hard to satisfy their customers. We were in and out of the place in less than an hour - perfect for a midday meal during the work week.

The menu includes many dishes I've seen at other Korean restaurants like Bi Bim Bap and seafood pancakes. I can't wait to go back, and soon. I don't think I'll need to drive out to Bradshaw to get my Korean food fix.

I hope the owners recognize that serving Korean food makes them unique and that they'll take even more steps to deemphasize the Japanese part of their menu and concentrate on continuing to make the Korean part great.

Aura Korean & Japanese food is located at 14th & G. They don't have a Web site, but you can check out their Yelp page. The server also informed us they deliver.

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