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Food Truck Drive By: Asiadilla at Big Red Bus


Food Truck Drive By is a new feature where I give a quick review of an item at a food truck.

Big Red Bus, the mobile food vehicle owned and operated by the Streets of London pub, launched about a month ago. I caught up with the food truck styled like one of London's double decker bus at New Helvetia Brewery on a recent Friday.

I spotted the food truck on my way home (where dinner was already being cooked) and I asked the order taker for their best dish that wouldn't fill me up. He immediately suggested the Asiadilla.


The cheese and tortilla part of the quesadilla was well done. I really enjoyed the concept of mixing Asian flavors with a quesadilla. The addition of cole slaw into the quesadilla gave it a great crunch in the middle of the cheese. But there really should have been some protein in a dish that cost more than a $5 footlong.

At $6, this dish was probably cost a dollar or two more than it was worth, but it was good enough that I'd go back and try their $9 fish and chips.

BTW: I asked what the Asiadilla had to do with traditional English pub food. They were honest - nothing. The only mainstay on their menu is the fish and chips. The other items are based on the whims of the chef.

To learn more about the Big Red Bus, find them on Facebook or Twitter.


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