Happy Hour at Skybox Grill & Bar
Dining News: Why Sac News & Review's Readers Are Much Savvier than Sac Mag Readers

Top 15 Cowtown Eats Posts of September 2013


The top 15 most popular posts (separate from the Top 15 Happy Hours list) of Sept. 2013 were:

  1. Dining News: Estelle's Patisserie on K to Debut Cronut on Sunday
  2. Instant Reaction: Sacramento's Cronut Discovered, Deemed Better Than a Cupcake
  3. Dining News: Why Hamburger Patties Closed
  4. 13 Places to Get Bottomless Mimosas in Sacramento
  5. Cowtowneats Guide to Late Night Happy Hours
  6. Dining News: Foundation Restaurant & Bar to Replace 4th St. Grill
  7. Dining News: Critics' Verdict on Mighty Tavern in Fair Oaks
  8. Dining News: RIP Gallagher's, The Broiler
  9. $2 Jamba Juice Smoothies Through Friday
  10. $1 Jamba Juice Smoothies Thru Sept. 28
  11. Instant Reaction: Adam Carolla’s Mangria Reviewed
  12. Dining News: Now Open - Rennovated Oscar's Very Mexican Food on Freeport
  13. Dining News: RIP Beantrees Cafe at 10th & L
  14. Dining News: Fire Closes Zocalo's Roseville Location
  15. Dining News: Bon Appetit Names Ruhstaller one of '10 Great American Farmhouse Breweries'

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