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Dining News: Arthur Henry's Supper Club & Ruby Room Opens Friday


Arthur Henry's Supper Club & Ruby Room, a grill-your-own steak restaurant in Oak Park, officially opens for business on Friday.

I had the opportunity to check the place out on Wednesday night during their soft opening, and I think they have a hit on their hands.


The vibe of the place is unique for Sacramento. While I was wasn't old enough to really appreciate the TV show Three's Company (I had no idea that Jack Tripper had to fake being gay to live with two women until I went to college), I imagine that the restaurant is what the Reagle Beagle might look like today. It's classy and understated, but with a real retro dive feel. Check out this great photo gallery from the Sac Biz Journal.

When our group of four went, the meal and drinks were hosted and there weren't even prices on their menus yet. Two of us ordered the rib eye and two others ordered the New York steak. Each steak came raw, served with a small side salad and a piece of bread. Here's their menu.


If you've never cooked steak in your life, you might be in trouble. You're expected to throw the steak on the grill yourself and know how to cook it. I've cooked (and overcooked) enough steaks in my life to have the hang of it, but if you've never cooked steak on an open flame before, you might want to bring a friend who has.


The steaks were all excellent. The meat was well marbled, and if it was overcooked or undercooked, it's on you. They do provide some seasonings at the grill, but honestly, the best way to eat a steak is just with a little salt and pepper.


They also have a great bar with craft cocktails, a short, but adequate wine list and a beer list stocked with microbrews.

They're definitely on the right track, and I look forward to seeing them grow as a restaurant.

I'll also warn you that they didn't have any appetizers or desserts on the menu yet, and they didn't have anything you could order without having to cook the protein yourself.

Arthur Henry's Supper Club (named after the owner's father) is part of the growing Naked Coffee family of restaurants, that also includes East Sac's Orphan (great brunch!) and Tupelo.

Arthur Henry's Supper Club and Ruby Room is located at 3402 Broadway. It can be found online at http://www.arthurhenrys.net/ or on Facebook.

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