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Great New Site Reviews Sacramento Brunches & Bottomless Mimosas


Cowtown Eats readers Katharyn and Meegan, inspired by my post on Where to Find Bottomless Mimosas in Sacramento, decided to spend 2 years trying all the brunches with bottomless mimosas, and rating/ranking them. They shared their spreadsheet with me, but decided that the best way to inform the public of their findings was to create their own Web site, Quest to find the Best Bottomless Mimosas In Sacramento.

They rate the brunches by categories like whether they keept mimosas full, reservations, parking, atmosphere, etc. It's a great community resource.

They've rated 12 places thus far, and have at least 11 more places to visit.

If you like brunch and you like bottomless mimosas, you have to check out their site, http://bottomlessmimosasinsac.blogspot.com/.


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