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13 Sacramento Restaurants Opening in 2014

Too many restaurants closed last year. But every restaurant that closes opens the door for another restaurant. Here are 13 Sacramento restaurants that are opening in 2014.

1. Block Butcher Bar


I visited sister restaurant LowBrau and talked to Mike Hargis last week, who told me the place should open in the next week or two. He also said that the restaurant will feature a micro market up front, offering cheese, napkins, aprons, cutting boards. The restaurant, itself, will cure all meats in house and will feature darker spirits and a whiskey program. Click here to read more. 1050 20th Street.

2. Midtown Biergarten


After abandoning its original concept of using cargo containers as its design motif at the insistence of the city, construction has progressed and will open in a few weeks. The restaurant will feature 30 beers on tap and feature light German fare including sausages, pretzels, etc. Click here to read more. 2332 K Street.

3. South


Located just off Soutside Park, South restaurant will feature Southern Classics and more modern takes on food from the South. In a brief conversation with co-owner N'Gina Kavookjian, they are still waiting for construction permits from the city. The project, first announced in Aug. 2012, hopes to open four months after they receive permits. Whey they receive permits is anybody's guess, though. Click here to read more. 1915 6th Street.

4. Claim Jumper


Despite the sign in the window last week that said opening Winter 2013, it didn't quite make it. Over the weekend, the Claim Jumper sign went up, and according to Ed Murrieta, the place opens today. I haven't been to one in more than 10 years. Maybe it's better than I remember. I guess it's worth a try. Click here to read more. 1111 J Street.

5. Mother


Mother, the new restaurant by former Ella chef Michael Thiemann, will focus on non-meat dishes, but not be what people traditionally think of as a vegetarian restaurant. It's scheduled to open on January 20, per Ed Murrieta. Click here to read more. 1023 K Street.

6. Sushi Paradise


A new sushi joint replacing Trio on J Street, it is just weeks away from opening, per Cowtown Eats reporting last week. The restaurant will share owners with Sensei Sushi in Rancho Cordova, and promises an upscale experience. Click here to read more. 827 J Street.

7. Plan B Cafe


Plan B Cafe, by the owners of the beloved Plan B restaurant at Watt & Fair Oaks, originally planned to open late last Summer, but city permit issues delayed its opening. I wasn't able to reach the owners for an updated opening date, but the location looks built out and very close to opening. Click here for more info. 1226 20th Street.

8. Blackbird Kitchen & Beer Gallery


The new Blackbird, rising from the ashes from the now defunct restaurant, has a reformed ownership group and a tweaked concept. It plans to reopen in February. Click here for more info. 1015 9th Street.

9. Hawks Public House


Hawks, the much loved Granite Bay restaurant, announced a move to add a midtown location in Feb. 2013. Nearly a year later, we're still waiting. In a short interview with owner Molly Hawks last week, she said the restaurant is still in the design phase and expects the restaurant to open late Summer or early Fall. Click here for more info. Alhambra & Stockton Blvds.

10. Vic's Cafe


Vic's Cafe, opening adjacent to old school ice cream parlor Vic's Ice Cream on Riverside, hoped to open by the end of the year, but obviously, that didn't happen. I walked by last week, and the place looks mostly built out, but it didn't look close to opening. The scuttlebutt in the neighborhood is that there are still bureaucratic hangups that have delayed the opening. I'm going to guess this place eventually opens in February. Click here to read more. 3119 Riverside Blvd.

11. University of Beer


As previously reported by Cowtown Eats, this Davis-based brewhouse will likely open in late January. Click here to learn more. 16th & O streets.

12. Krush Burger in Davis


Krush Burger, the food truck to brick & mortar pioneer, has a Davis location that was set to open in December, but will likely open very soon. Owner Davin Vculek declined to provide any additional details, but tweeted on New Year's Eve, "What an amazing year! 3 new restaurants and an office, can't wait to announce the plans for 2014!" Click here to read more. Krush Burger Davis at 1411 West Covell Blvd, Davis.

13. Empress Tavern

Also by the former Ella chef who will open Mother later this month, this restaurant will be based on cooking things on a spit. Humm...Interesting. According to Sac Bee restaurant critic Blair Anthony Robertson, construction begins in the Spring. Opening, TBD. 10th & K Streets.


Strings Urban Kitchen is also slated to open in February, located on the ground floor of the Capitol Towers on 7th & N, full bar, restaurante and retail wine room.

Don't you just love the common denominator here. Scheduled to open on (&*7, but due to permit issues,..... That's why Sacramento is developmentally challenged.
And Der Beer Garten DID NOT "abandon it's concept of using cargo containers"
Not sure where you got that.
A warm welcome to all of you!

There is also a new business opening in the old Hamburger Mary's Patty's called "Cowboys and Angels Saloon" or something like that.

Oak Park Brewing Company is opening in 2014 at 3514 Broadway, with full restaurant and outdoor patio.


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