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Dining News: Cielito Lindo's Drab Building Detracts from 'Deft Cooking'


Cielito Lindo, a new mexican restaurant in East Sac, got a thumbs up for its cooking, but a thumbs down for its decor in the Sac Bee from restaurant critic Blair Anthony Robertson.

The disparity for Cielito Lindo makes for an awkward juxtaposition — fine food served by waiters wearing vests and neckties in a space that lacks warmth or style and is a tad chintzy looking. Oh, and I might as well mention drafty, at least for now, especially since one of the female staffers made the rounds in the dining room wearing a puffed-up parka on a modestly frigid night recently...

Thus, the best we can say about this restaurant is that it makes an appealing addition to the east Sacramento culinary scene, a neighborhood eatery with food that will often satisfy, sometimes wow and, yes, occasionally let you down.

Read the entire review in the Sac Bee.

Robertson also mentions in his review that they had yet to get a liquor license. When I visited in October, they said they were about to get one. Three months later, I guess they don't have one yet.

Read my thoughts on Cielito Lindo from an October post just after they had opened.

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