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Enotria, the restaurant helmed by Chef Pajo Bruich, closed today, it announced on Facebook.

January 15, 2014

Effective today, Enotria Restaurant and Wine Bar has closed for business. Enotria has been a landmark in the Sacramento community for 17 years and Mr. David Hardie the owner, wishes to thank all the patrons, current staff and former employees for what has been an enjoyable run.

Mr. Hardie made this decision after finding it increasingly difficult to provide the guidance of ownership from a distance, as he is a resident of Nevada. Mr. Hardie owns the property and now wants to explore opportunities as a landlord.

Mr. Hardie is very proud of the cuisine, service and experience that Executive Chef Pajo Bruich and General Manager Jenny Yun provided to the guests of Enotria and wish them both well with their future endeavors.

“It is with a heavy heart that this decision has been made. I am extremely proud of what was created here, the efforts and commitment of all that were put forth, and the level at which we executed. Thank you to all of our loyal and loving guests, my team, and to Mr. Hardie for his support and belief in my vision.” Pajo Bruich


David Hardie

Pajo Bruich
Executive Chef

The Sac Bee reports that the staff, which were actively planning to participate in Bacon Week festivities next week, were surprised by the move.

Bruich hopes to stay in Sacramento, with a goal of owning his own restaurant. Ideally he’d like to keep his kitchen staff, and has also eyed two possible locations. Bruich already has one investor lined up and seeking more for a new restaurant project.

“Enotria was something I was extremely proud of and we built a fantastic program,” said Bruich. “I thank David for putting his trust in me and guiding me. I’d always felt super secure with Enotria and I don’t know exactly what changed. In the meantime, I have to get to work and find a new home as a chef.”

Read the entire story in the Sac Bee.

The Sac Bee also collects reactions from neighbors, neighborhood businesses and activists and politicians to the abrupt closure of Enotria.

My biggest fear is that Sacramento loses the talented Chef Bruich and the crew that he's assembled to a larger city like San Francisco.

I last ate at Enotria on Chef Bruich's birthday in December where he served small Mexican plates. The food was fantastic, but unfortunately, it was another night where (except for the bar area where the special event was held), the restaurant seemed kind of dead. I don't know that a lack of businesses contributed to its closure, but the restaurant never seemed to catch fire.

I hope the chef and his team stick around and find a concept, venue and price point that Sacramento can support.

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