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Dining News: 'Waterfront Bar Food Appealing' at Crawdad's


Crawdads, recently reopened and featuring food by Chef Adam Pechal, opened earlier this month. To check it out was Sac Biz Journal's Ed Murrieta.

It doesn't take salty margaritas or any palate-zapping pale ales to make waterfront bar food appealing.

There's nothing groundbreaking here -- Pechal's initial menu doesn't stray from the moneymakers: finger-food fried fish, burger, sandwiches, tacos.

Based a first taste of three dishes, I found creative combinations, comforting Cajun flavors, quality ingredients, simple presentations and promising execution. All in a marina atmosphere that brightens up a muddy river.

Read the entire review in Sac Biz Journal.

I made it out there on Friday night, but haven't had time to write a proper post. Look for it later in the week.

Crawdad's is located at 1375 Garden Hwy, and can be found online at SacCrawdads.com.

More News:

New barbecue restaurant opening in Sacramento - Fahrenheit 250 BBQ will open at 5 p.m. on March 28 at 7042 Folsom Blvd. in Sacramento. Fans of the locally owned restaurant can get updates using the hashtag #ThisLittlePig. It will specialize in classic barbecue, craft beer and cocktails. The restaurant’s name comes from the temperature at which its signature items, such as brisket, are cooked. Entrees are prepared on a barbecue that was hand-welded in Texas and traveled more than 4,500 miles to Sacramento, through a circuitous route. Sonya Sorich in Sac Biz Journal.

Brazilian steakhouse coming to Roseville - Emanuel Peres is bringing a Brazilian steakhouse to Roseville in early May. The restaurant, Chamas E Fogo -- flames and fire in Portuguese -- will feature Brazilian-style barbecue, where the meat is grilled on spits and carved directly off the spits at the table. It is a destination restaurant, where the food is the entertainment, said Peres, who is from Porto Alegre, Brazil, where this kind of service is the tradition. Mark Anderson in Sac Biz Journal.

VIDEO: Food Trucks Could Soon Have Longer Term Parking Spots - Food trucks are known for always being on the go, but that may not necessarily be the case in Sacramento in the near future. A city committee heard a motion Tuesday about expanding time limits for food trucks that buy permits for certain areas which they’re calling “pods.” The proposed cost for a permit for the pods is $3,710 per year. Zohreen Adamjee on FOX 40.

VIDEO: Historic Sacramento Bar Owners Upset School Is Being Built Next Door - The Trap has been open since 1860, and Brookfield School will be right next to it when the school plans to open this fall to 400 students. On CBS 13.

Lowbrau owners add an extension offering meats and cheeses on butcher blocks - Nutting said the inspiration for Butcher Block came from a deli concept that could not be included into Lowbrau when it first opened. The co-owners wanted to have in-house meats and fine cheeses. The atmosphere of Butcher Block is darker and more sophisticated compared to the festive, german-esque beer hall of Lowbrau. Erika Bradley in the Sac State Hornet.

VIDEO: Green Papaya Food Truck - Cody Stark is out back getting to know a new food truck: The Green Papaya! If you like Lao and Thai cuisine, you will love this truck! On Good Day Sac Part 1 | Part 2.

VIDEO: Vic's Cafe - Vic's Ice Cream has been a longtime Land Park fixture and now they've added a new cafe. Julissa Ortiz is checking out the new spot using local ingredients. On Good Day Sac.


Finally, someone opens a Churrascaria in the region! I could never figure out what people thought that opening the ninth Sushi joint in a three block radius was ever a good idea. I wish them success, as I've enjoyed great rodizios throughout the country and throughout the world, but the Sac region has not been able to have one stay open long enough for me to try it.

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