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Save an Additional 20% at Sac News & Review's Sweet Deals


The best Groupon-style site right now is Sac News & Review's Sweet Deals. As best I can tell, restaurants trade gift cards for advertising, and Sac News & Review monetizes the gift cards through this site.

Last week, when I went to pick up my gift cards for Capital Dime, Blackbird, Bistro Michel and Sushi Paradiso, they handed me a card for an additional 20% off. All you need to do is enter the code "DATENIGHT" at checkout, without the quotes.

Offer expires on May 31.

As of Monday evening, those deals I got are still available - but you'll save 20% more than I did when I bought it.

Sac News & Review's Sweet Deals can be found at https://snrsweetdeals.newsreview.com/


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